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Real + Rad + Relaxed.

I want my images to reflect real feelings, not faked smiles. And I always find that the best moments aren't the big, staged, formal ones. They are in that spontaneous hug with your bestie, when you take your dog out for the last wee before heading to your ceremony or just the way you and your partner look at each other when you think no one notices. For me, that's what a wedding day is all about. Plus with a dash of confetti and smoke thrown in for sport!

Gold and Grit Photography is a Swede living in Melbourne with work taking her a bit everywhere: taking any excuse for a trip to capture the love between two people.

On my list of favourite things is animals (I especially have a thing for alpacas), cloudy days, bad action movies, prosecco and Murakami books.

I am all about a wedding day feeling fun and relaxed. There are no stiff poses or cheesy smiles, although I’m sure I’ll make a pun or two which might make you laugh (no promises). It’s more about having a darn good time, that just happens to be your wedding, and for me to capture it all.

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Fitzroy VIC, Australia
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