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Like most Australians, I turned on the TV at 10 AM on November 15th 2017.

I was sitting alone in my living room, waiting with bated breath. And I heard the number: "61.6%". That was the moment everything changed. That was the moment that my love was validated.

As a queer kid growing up in church, people always put me in a box and said, "here, this is who you are". No one took the time to ask me, "who are you really?"

Fast forward to today, and I've made a living from asking, "who are you really?"

What makes you smile?
How do you experience the world?
Who have you lost?
Who have you found?
Who do you love?
Why do you love them?
Why have you chosen this person?

Good wedding photography is a window, always observing what's on the other side and finding different or unique ways to present it.

GREAT wedding photography is a mirror, reflecting back an authentic, unbridled (yes, pun intended) picture of you and the person that you love.

If you are looking for authentic wedding photos for you and your loved one, please get in touch for my availability and a quote.

``We're blessed to have a wealth of images to treasure from our amazing day and are eternally thankful for Hank's outstanding efforts. Hank guided us not only through the photography aspect, but helped us shape our wedding day and using timings to our best interests.`` - Jamie & Christy, married May 2021

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