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The feeling of having a favourite person is ineffable. Let alone the feeling of wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. Some folks try to describe this feeling using words such as romance or marriage. Personally, I've given up on trying to describe it. So instead, I show it.

I specialise in photographing sustainable and inclusive weddings in Sydney and the surrounding region. When I'm not working, you can usually find me eating hot chips, daydreaming about my next overseas adventure, or playing a board game with friends.

I am committed to being a photographer that is guided by my personal values of justice and impact. To me, justice is generosity. It is advocacy. It is living for someone other than yourself - kinda like marriage.

I am passionate about climate justice, deconstructing colonialism, and queer visibility. As a queer person myself, I have seen how hard people have fought for the right to marry the person they love most. It is the greatest privilege to watch and document these lives joining together, and it would be an honour to do the same for you.

Visit my website to see a more extensive portfolio selection and check out all my ethical wedding resources.

"We're blessed to have a wealth of images to treasure from our amazing day and are eternally thankful for Hank's outstanding efforts. Hank guided us not only through the photography aspect, but helped us shape our wedding day and using timings to our best interests." - Jamie & Christy, married May 2021

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