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You’re not a traditional couple, and you don’t want a traditional wedding.

Not the stress of planning a big party and little details you will have forgotten by your first anniversary. Not being the center of attention as you exchange vows in front of a crowd. Not the expectations of what everyone else wants from you and your wedding day.

It doesn’t feel right, and you know there has to be a better way to celebrate your love for each other and the commitment you’re making. Where you can be fully present in the moment together. Where you can do exactly what you want and not what anyone else says you should.

That’s what eloping is all about.

I help couples plan epic elopements in the Colorado mountains and capture photos that will always let you remember what the day felt like—relaxed, stress-free, and full of love and joy.

From scouting for the perfect location for each of my couples to recommending LGBTQ+ inclusive vendors and crafting a timeline for the day, I’m there to help you through every step of this process—and make sure you’re having the time of your lives!

“Nina really understood how to work with a same-gender couple, everything from not assuming gender roles to just being chill and normal about it. We love our photos—they are very natural and very us!”

“You instantly feel comfortable with Nina. Shy in front of the camera? She gets you to breathe and be present in the moment. To just have fun with it.”

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