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Lord Violet

Lord Violet is a subversive yet femme jewelry line influenced by alternative subculture. Brass is paired with recycled materials to create luxurious yet eco-responsible designs - handcrafted by queer, independent Canadian designer Nicola Inman. 

She is celebrated for her modern approach to the western classic: the bolo tie. The versatility of the bolo tie renders it the ultimate accessory for all gender expressions. It is timeless in style, making it a staple in your wardrobe. Tie together an outfit for your special day and celebrate for years to come. 


About the designer:

Nicola grew up queer on the prairies, a place known for its conservative politics. Frustrated with limited options to express an invisible femme identity, Lord Violet was born out of a desire to empower alternative femmes through self-expression. Her designs are a marriage of prairie culture and a celebration of queer identity.

“I never thought I would wear a bolo, but that all changed when I accidentally designed one. I put it on and slid it up under my collar. I felt handsome yet feminine at the same time. It was an androgynous accessory that felt more like jewelry.”

Designer- Nicola Inman


Celebrate your love and unique identity with Lord Violet. Contact Nicola at [email protected] for your custom design inquiries.

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