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Love for Life Celebrant

Congratulations, clink a glass of champagne, eat that slice of cake - you've found that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that's pretty amazing!

Now let's make your love party one to remember, and exactly the way you both want. Whether it's a simple but meaningful elopement, or a huge party with everyone you know – the moment you say I Do should feel the same regardless. It's the moment you're committing your love and promising to stay together forever.

The wedding ceremony sets the tone of the entire wedding event, so finding a celebrant that can match your vibe and listen to precisely what you both want is really important. One of my major strengths is making sure everyone around me is happy, so I take the time to understand you both. Rather than tell you what love and marriage mean, I ask you what love and marriage mean to you. How you met, how you felt in those early days compared to how you feel now, that one thing you can tolerate in your love that you can't tolerate in anyone else, and weave that throughout your ceremony.

Not one couple's love story is ever the same as another, and together we'll find the cute little love nuggets that make your love unique to every other love story out there. All while having fun without losing the meaning of the moment, creating a memory and a feeling you'll never forget! Not only for the two of you but also for your guests.

One of the most significant comments from my couples straight after they marry is, 'thanks Vic, that's exactly what we wanted,' and I get such a buzz from that!

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