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Rad Wedding & Elopement Photography for the photo shy!

Don't love having your photo taken? Then you're at the right place. I would say nearly every couple I've ever shot has said something like... 'we're no good in photos'..... 'we're not photogenic'.... 'we don't want posed photos'... if that sounds like you, I'm your gal.

I'm not going to ramble on about how I'm super relaxed, not pushy, work like a ninja, pretty flipping good at getting on with ALL your family, oh and take super creative, yet super candid photos.
Nope. Not gonna mention any of that!

What I am going to say is this.... this is YOUR day.

And you should do it how you bloody well want to. You may get a bit of push back leading up to your wedding - but on the actual day, all those naysayers will be so blown away, and caught up with all the feels, that they will have forgotten any doubts.

What I want for you is your own unique photos, telling your own unique story - with the two of you, being the best versions of you and all your people around you.


Gaby & Kate – A Bonfire Ceremony

Lulu & Lime photography Victoria Australia Elopement glamping neon lesbian wedding Dancing With Her

Gaby & Kate had difficulty planning a wedding that felt ‘them’, and when the opportunity popped up to win an epic elopement they went all in.

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