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Marry Me Zoe

So, you've found someone to rock your life with? GO YOU! And now you're chasing a wedding that's a little more party than done-to-death, right? And that's where I come in. My thing is creating fun *no boring bit* ceremonies for lovestruck legends who want it shit-hot. I'm all about hyping the hell outta you and bringing the wow moments that are gonna warm the hearts of your A-list humans. Cos your ceremony should be the party starter for your bigass day. Not a *Shut up Karen* snoozefest that’ll kill the lovebuzz.  

I vow to thee: I'll get to the heart of the real you, take a whole lotta load off your plate and make you feel like superstars as you take the love train straight to bling town. Whether you're doing it with feet in the sand, at a 'fetti fierce party or somewhere over the rainbow. Shouting your vows or whispering them. I got you.  

Now let's go do something fun about making it official AF. Cos you deserve nothing less lovers.  

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