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Marry Me Zoe

Hey there, I'm Zoe! My thing is creating crazy good weddings for the lovestruck, without the boring bits. I'm a hypester, and a love story pusher and I believe your ceremony is the party starter to your killer day. I'll get to the heart of the real you, take a whole lotta load off your plate, and make sure you get a ceremony that is super fun and hits the sweet spot where all the feels live. When we tell your awesome love story, we'll all laugh, happy cry and laugh again.

I'm part wedding nerd, part funny best friend and part uber profesh organiser. I can help with everything from your ceremony to your party and I'll make sure we have fun along every step of the way. Tired wedding cliches can take a hike because they have no place at your kick-ass wedding. Rock your vows, however and wherever you like!

If you've said Yes to doing it your way and Hell No to a boring, join the dots kinda wedding, then I reckon we'll hit it off. Let's get married!

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