Truss and Ore is a jeweler for LGBTQ+ Lesbian gay engagement and wedding jewelry in Berkeley, California America 3

Truss and Ore

Hi! I'm Ana Brazaityte, the owner, designer, and maker of Truss and Ore Jewelry, based in Berkeley, CA. As a one-woman operation, my business fully reflects my personal values - social justice is intrinsic to the brand, as is working toward a jewelry industry that is beneficial to all people along the supply chain and prioritizes stewardship of the environment. I believe in radical transparency about my materials sourcing and production practices and am always open to questions and conversations. Additionally, I prioritize sourcing responsibly, artisanally mined gold which includes assurance standards of social development and environmental protections.

Truss and Ore pieces are often inspired by modern art and architecture and feature color gemstones. I'm also open to working with vintage or heirloom diamonds. We can work together to source the perfect gemstone to customize a Truss and Ore design and make it your own. It is always such an honor and a joy for me to take part in the celebration of love and commitment between you and your partner/s!

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