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An Eclectic Boho-Inspired Wedding Inspiration – Jake & Karin

An Eclectic Boho-Inspired Wedding Inspiration – Jake & Karin

Covid Elopement - Boho-Inspired Wedding - Lesbian Wedding

Jake and Karin were set to get married, until COVID hit and they weren’t able to go ahead with their original plans. Instead, this creative group of wedding vendors from the Netherlands created this eclectic boho-inspired wedding inspiration to celebrate their queer love.

Jake & Karin, tell us your favorite memory together.

J: We have so many, but one of our favorites is when Karin proposed to me. It was something I never expected because she has always said she doesn’t want to get married. When someone asks if we plan to get married someday, she always said no. So I didn’t have any hope that she will ever propose to me.

I’m a photographer, and I like to make cakes as a hobby. She planned everything with one of her friends, planning to order a cake from me with the text, “will you marry me?” I never expected that this cake would be my proposal cake. I was a bit jealous because I always wanted to get married to her. When I went to deliver the cake, the surprise was for me. My two favorite people were on a Ferris wheel all decorated and Bryan, our child, just couldn’t control himself and screamed saying, “mama, you are going to get married to Karin.” He always asked us when we were going to get married, now his dream came true.

K: There are so many memories we have that are my favorite. But there is one extra special for me. It’s our travel together to Brazil. 

Jake and Bryan already went two weeks before me, as I had to work. I was nervous because this would be the first time I would meet Jake, her family, and friends. I don’t speak Portuguese, and it was a bit scary. All her family and friends gave me such a warm welcome and made me feel like I’m a part of the family. I could finally see the Brazil Jake always talks about where she grew up, where she went to school, where she lived, and also the beautiful country. I can’t wait to go back and hug her mother and see more of the country.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

J: We met each other at a tough time for me, so the first year of our relationship was a lot of ups and downs. We have faced many things, and I didn’t expect that we would still be together because it was too much. For Karin, being engrossed in the single life, and then suddenly she meets someone with a kid. It wasn’t easy. To adapt to the fact that she wasn’t alone anymore and became a mother it was a big challenge for her. We have made it, being through all of that just made our relationship stronger, and I could be sure that I had met the love of my life.

Another big challenge is that I’m Brazilian, and I live in the Netherlands. My family lives in Brazil, and my mother didn’t accept our relationship; it was wrong for her. It has been a while since talking to her, but I didn’t want to hide anymore because my mother was ashamed because I came out as gay. She is very religious and she was scared that people from the church will be talking about it. So this was one of our biggest challenges. In the end, she did understand that love is love and that she has to be happy for me the way I am.

Everything changed when my mother met Karin for the first time. It was love at first sight. All the doubt and judgments about Karin were gone. Today, she calls Karin her daughter and they love each other. The only trouble is the language, but Karin is learning Portuguese to be able to speak with her.

What a wonderful story of hope. What’s your favorite thing about one another?

J: I like that Karin is a very caring person. She is gorgeous and is a great mother. I love to see how good she is with Bryan. She does everything for our family and of course, she is the best cook ever! I like that she gives me support and can always help me with whatever I want to do. I love that she is crazy just like me and we are not scared of trying new things. We have something very much in common: we love to spend time with family, which is a plus point in our relationship. 

K: My favorite thing about Jake is her beautiful bubbly personality. She treats everybody with so much respect and sweetness. Nobody has ever made me feel so loved, beautiful and supported the way she does. My family is crazy about her! She is a part of my family, and I don’t even have to go with her, she visits my parents and grandparents with Bryan and takes care of them without asking. I have never met a person before whose heart is so pure and filled with love.

Photographer & Organiser Beyoutiful Fotografie
Second Photographer Elize Photography

Cake De Zoete Suikertoef
Florist By Floralisa
Gown Designer 
Iek’s Bridal
H&MU Beautysalon Beyoutiful
Styling Binnenste Buiten
Volkswagen Bus Drive Vintage
Wedding Rings Le Mariage

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