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Eider & Marta – A Santorini Elopement

Eider & Marta – A Santorini Elopement

Santorini Same-Sex Elopement - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her

If there was ever a truer representation of love conquers all, it’s this story. Eider and Marta shared an incredibly personal, and emotional elopement in Santorini, Greece.

A note from the Videographer, Cinema of Poetry 

Marta & Eider traveled from Barcelona, Spain, to exchange their vows in Pyrgos, Santorini. Their elopement is a story of true love, but also a symbolic message for equality, because love is always love. 

Sometimes when LGBTQ+ individuals have the courage to come out, they may face rejection from their families and the people around them. It then takes a lot of strength and support to go through these difficult moments, but, eventually, true love never fails. 

Marta has experienced this rejection in her life, and it felt almost liberating for her to talk about it in this film. Hence, this elopement film is also about these struggles and how true love prevails eventually. 

The team of Santorini Divine Weddings, who were planning the event, did a truly amazing job with everything. The styling was outstanding! They had to deal with an unusually strong wind that almost caused the arch of the ceremony to fall. But they found a solution to avoid the wind by fixing the arch against a wall of the venue. Even without the Caldera as a backdrop, we had a very beautiful setting. While exchanging their vows in Spanish, both girls went into tears of happiness. It is always such a strong feeling for me to capture these beautiful moments of connection and true dedication to each other.

Photography by Eye Witness Stories 
Videographer Cinema of Poetry

Arch Weddings and Whimsy 
Flowers Betty Flowers 
Hair Marianna Nomikou 
Make-Up Renia Bledaki 
Musicians Vassalakia
Planning Divine Weddings, Santorini 
Venue Saint Antonio Vineyard, Santorini 
Wedding Dresses Alexia Kirmitsi

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