We’ve been together for almost four years come this July.

We met through mutual friends during a few dinner parties and board/card game nights. After moving house, Tineke’s route to work changed and coincidentally meant she now passed Elly’s work each morning, Elly being a barista at the time. Tineke became a regular, and a friendship was formed.

A month or so later, Tineke built up the courage to ask Elly out for drinks after a work event. The rest is history!

Our proposal took place on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Elly had organized a picnic in the park and, unknowingly for Tineke, also a ring. Elly had baked some of our shared favorite, carrot cake, and so while we snacked on these and watched wedding couples come and go around the park, Elly nervously asked Tineke the big question.

Tineke said yes, and we planned our wedding for two years.


Both of us liked the idea of a wedding either in the bush or near the beach. We viewed a few places in both; however, it wasn’t until we came to the venue in Sorrento that we both fell in love. The view was absolutely gorgeous, which was the deciding factor. It reminded Tineke of her birthplace, Kangaroo Island, and Elly of her childhood holidays near the beach. 

We are a very relaxed couple. We wanted our wedding to be a place our friends and family could mingle and get to move about freely, chat and enjoy themselves. This inspired our alternative ceremony, and lack of formal structure. It was more like a giant family backyard get together!

Both of our upbringings were very much like this, gatherings with a relaxed vibe. We hoped to create this laid back and comfortable style for our wedding.

Elly knew she wanted to wear a jumpsuit, whereas Tineke was a little unsure about what the perfect outfit was. We decided to go to a bridal store and try some dresses on together, which solidified Elly’s jumpsuit decision and to head online. However, it was in this first store Tineke found the dress she wore on the day. 

Elly found a few jumpsuits, one of which was then tailored however, with a last-minute decision, she switched to wear the backup outfit due to comfort level, …and it was the one that had pockets!!

Went it came to DIY projects; we undertook a few. We wanted to enjoy our day without the financial burden that usually goes with it, so we opted to do quite a few things ourselves. 

We wanted to infuse some of our personality into the decorations so we created our own tinsel wall, which we hung behind the cake table. Elly’s mum kindly made small table arrangements to place around the room. Our cake stand was cut from the family property and polished by Elly’s Dad.


Our wedding day started like any other, with walking our dog and grabbing a coffee. It was nice to take this time just for us before everything got started. 

We had a relaxed family breakfast, and then the prep began. Throughout the getting ready hours, everyone was very relaxed, so it was very calm and enjoyable experience. Once we all had our makeup and outfits sorted, we had a quick round of photos with the lovely Stina, from Gold and Grit, before arriving at the venue. 

Then the ceremony began. 

While we are not overly keen on tradition, we still wanted our families to be involved – this was extremely important to us. Our parents walked together in front of us down the aisle. Then we followed, together as we were partaking in this adventure together, as equals. Pretty much the most nerve-wracking part of the day was walking down the aisle. The ceremony was a fantastic rollercoaster of emotion for us both, from listening to and saying our vows, to jokes made by Precious, our celebrant, then to having family members sing. We couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony.  

The rest of the evening was a blur of dancing, photos and laughs with our loved ones, many of whom had traveled from interstate and further to be with us on the day. We have often joked about the fact nothing went “wrong” and that there were no awkward family interactions that would have made our day memorable for very different reasons. 

Marriage, to us, is being able to share life experiences together. It means making a commitment to be there for one another no matter what, enjoying the good time, and working through the tougher whilst sharing our journeys as equals. 


If we were going to offer advice to other couples planning their wedding day, it would be to give yourselves plenty of time to organize everything. 

Don’t allow pressure from others… it’s your day, so do want you want. Don’t sweat the small things (or even the big things!) as long as you have your partner there with you; that is really all that matters. Don’t set the expectation of everything being absolutely perfect or overthink things; take it as it comes on the day, breathe and HAVE FUN!! 

The best memories will be the interactions you have with your loved ones on the day and these details are the ones you can’t plan!

We are glad we chose the vendors that we did because they all came together and made our day amazing. We loved having our pet involved in our day and snapping some gorgeous pics with him on the beach. We were really happy with our decision not to go with a formally structured wedding but to opt more for the relaxed cocktail style, and everyone was able to let their hair down and really enjoy the day. 

We were also thrilled that most of the day was spent in flat shoes rather than heels! 

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