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Eloping in the Swiss Alps: A Stunning Adventure with Courtney and Lauren

Eloping in the Swiss Alps: A Stunning Adventure with Courtney and Lauren

An adventurous Autumn Swiss Alps Elopement

The world is full of beautiful places to get married, but Courtney and Lauren had a particular spot in mind. They chose to elope in the Engadin, St. Mortiz area, Switzerland, surrounded by the breathtaking Swiss Alps in autumn. The area is known for its beautiful larch trees that turn a stunning golden color in the fall. This is where Christine and her husband, Scott, captured the beautiful moments of their elopement day.

The day started early with the couple catching the first funicular of the morning to a mountain above St. Moritz. They were greeted with cold air since it was mid-October, but they were excited to explore and take portraits. The couple sipped hot tea while enjoying the epic panorama. After a couple of hours, the group made their way back to St. Moritz, where Courtney and Lauren had a mid-morning appointment at Meraki Beauty for hair and makeup.

The brides-to-be hoped to do a first look in their wedding attire, which meant they needed to stay separate. Meraki Beauty was accommodating and kept Courtney and Lauren apart while styling them. Once their hair and makeup were done, Christine and Scott drove the two separately back to their Airbnb, where they each had their own room to change. The couple had beautiful accessories from Etsy, including a stunning ring box that Christine loved.

Once Courtney and Lauren were ready, Scott and Christine drove the two separately to the first-look location, the St. Moritzersee. The blue lake glittered in the sunshine, and the golden larch trees looked stunning. Courtney and Lauren stood back to back, and on the count of three, they turned around to look at each other. One of Christine’s favorite moments was when Lauren showed off her white cowgirl boots.

For the final activity of the day, the couple chose to hike to a small alpine lake for their ceremony. When they reached the lake, they changed back into their wedding attire. They had first picks for the ceremony spot since no one else was there. As they exchanged vows, it began to lightly rain. After wrapping up the vows and exchanging rings, they warmed up and ate dinner consisting of dehydrated backpacking food, heated up with the help of a Jetboil.

As it was getting dark, the group squeezed in a few portraits before the sun completely set. Christine and Scott pulled out their lanterns and headlamps, and the couple read letters from friends and family next to the dim light. In the dark, the rain began to pick up, so they packed up for the hike back to the trailhead. But not before taking a few last photos lit by the headlights of their car.

It was a day full of adventure and love, and Christine and Scott were there to capture every moment. From the sunrise on the mountain to the first look by the lake and the intimate ceremony at the alpine lake, it was a day that Courtney and Lauren will never forget. It’s a reminder that a wedding doesn’t have to be traditional or extravagant to be beautiful and meaningful. It can be as simple as adventuring in the Swiss Alps with the one you love.

Photographer Made In The Mountains Photo

Dress Designer Landress, Lulus
Florist Feiluoyi
H&MU Meraki Beauty Hair
Ring Box Fortisfinds
Videographer Made In The Mountains Photo
Wedding Rings Idajewelrydesign

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