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Emilie & Lucy – A Beautiful Farm Wedding in Pennsylvania

Emilie & Lucy – A Beautiful Farm Wedding in Pennsylvania

Adventure Instead - Pennsylvania Lesbian Wedding - Farm Wedding Inspiration

Surrounded by family and friends on a beautiful farm in Pennsylvania. Emilie and Lucy created a unique, beautiful wedding that was a true reflection of who they are, what matters most to them, and their unique love story—and to them, there’s nothing more perfect than that.

If you’d asked Lucy if she believed in love at first sight any time before the night she met Emilie at a friend’s party during her sophomore year of college, she probably would have told you no.

But that night, years ago, when Lucy spotted Emilie staring at her from across the room, she felt it. That big connection. That heart-jumping-out-of-your-skin feeling, that weak-bodied, breathe-leaving-your lungs feeling.

The best part? Emilie felt it, too.

When they took hands underneath a weeping willow tree on October 12, 2019, in Pennsylvania and pledged their lives to each other, that wholly encompassing feeling of love, connection, and perfect comfort came rushing back. It was like nothing had changed since the first day they’d met.

Emilie and Lucy’s wedding was a memorable, unique day that they designed to be especially meaningful for them and representative of their relationship. They combined a ceremony and reception with traditional wedding elements peppered with intimate moments that were just for them. It gave them space to grab each other’s hands, to cry, to hold each other close without letting the day speed by them.

On the morning of their wedding, Emilie and Lucy got ready separately. 

Lucy did her hair and had her family assist with her makeup—her stepmom carefully helped her put on her earrings. Emilie, on another part of the property, began getting ready as well. I snapped a few family portraits of Lucy and her family, then a few separately of Emilie and her family, too.

They both truly wanted to do a first look for their wedding day, so that was something they’d planned—but what Emilie didn’t know was that Lucy and I had planned a special moment ahead of time.

As Emilie waited for Lucy for their first look, I walked toward her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned. I handed her a pack of cigarettes with a note pinned to the back. On the pack, the note told an adorable story from the night they met: Emilie, too distracted by Lucy’s charm, had dropped her new pack of cigarettes in her drink. Lucy, vying to be Emily’s hero, offered to remove them one-by-one to dry, but ultimately, ended up ripping each and every filter off. They walked to the store to replace the pack and spent the entire night connecting, chatting, and falling in love.

When Emilie read the note, she immediately began tearing up. She was so deep in remembering the story she didn’t even notice Lucy walking up behind—when she did, the emotions truly poured out. They held each other. Lucy grabbed for Emilie’s face. They told each other how beautiful and perfect they each looked. They had this amazing, private, first-look moment that was just for them.

Once the first-look nerves were out of the way, Emilie and Lucy started their ceremony. Underneath a weeping willow tree and a beautiful chandelier, they took hands and said their vows as their family and friends watched, teary-eyed, offering them their love and support.

Though they’d planned to head out to a state park to take a hike (Emilie and Lucy absolutely love to hike together), Lucy and Emilie ultimately opted to explore the property, just the two of them, to take time to be intentional, intimate, and soak in their wedding day privately before heading back for their reception.

The rest of their wedding was, as expected, beautiful and meaningful. 

Their families and friends danced the night away alongside Emilie and Lucy. There were beautiful and hysterical speeches, lengthy toasts and well-wishes from family, and a party that lasted well into the night (and ended with a beautiful sparkler exit).

Photographer Adventure Instead

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