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Emily & Sonia – A Beachside Byron Bay Micro-Wedding

Emily & Sonia – A Beachside Byron Bay Micro-Wedding

Lesbian Byron Bay Elopement - Bird and Boy Photography

Forgoing a big celebration, Emily and Sonia decided on an intimate micro-wedding on the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay. Surrounded by their favorite people, they said their vows and embraced, wives.

Who are Emily & Sonia?

S: Both Emily and I work in Logistics Management and are both into outdoor adventuring, always finding new hikes that soon turn out to be more than what we signed up for, but that’s the fun. We both have a love for the water. Emily loves being in it, and I love watching from a distance or being on my paddleboard. Being outdoor girls, we love camping and sitting by our fire pit with our two gorgeous puppies.  

Where did your love story begin?

S: We actually first met at our workplace and started hanging out as we both enjoyed the same things. We have been together for 2.5 strong and happy years. 

One of our favorite memories is jumping off the mermaid pools cliff. Once I jumped first, Emily had no way to escape and also had to jump. We spent many hours down the bottom adventuring, sun baking, and swimming to find out the only way out was to climb up a rope. 

Eventually, we got there.     

You decided to elope. Why?

E & S: We both have very demanding busy work schedules. All our friends are placed all over Australia along with us not wanting to fuss over anything we decided to elope but still with a micro-wedding with immediate family and a few very close friends.  

Tell us about that micro-wedding elopement day!

S: As Emily and I were living apart due to work the year we got married, she made the trek up to Brisbane a few days earlier. We both drove to Byron Bay the day before the wedding and went out the night before for our families to meet and relax before the big day. The morning of, we went out for breakfast; however, just happened to run into some of my family at the same café.

I’d love to say the day kicked off with no dramas – but, it was a miracle we made it down the aisle…

We both started feeling a little off during breakfast but didn’t say anything as we thought it was just nerves. I knew something was very wrong when I couldn’t stomach my coffee. We went back to the hotel and just laid on the bed. Emily and I got very nauseous and started vomiting, and at about 1 pm, we knew we were in trouble. We walked down the street to the GPs, and he gave us an injection to stop the vomiting. 

Eventually, we made it to the ceremony.

Emily walked down the aisle with both her mum and dad first, then I walked down with my mum. The ceremony itself was beautiful, and literally, the only person I could concentrate on was Emily. 

We have been undergoing IVF for the last 12 and a bit months, so our focus is on having a family together with our two gorgeous puppies!

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Photography by Bird and Boy Photography

Bird and Boy Photography Same-Sex Wedding Directory - Dancing With Her - Lesbian Wedding Bird and Boy Photography

You can find more information on Bird and Boy here; handpicked as one of our preferred vendors that work inclusively of diversity.

Cake Cheries House Homemade
Celebrant Ben Carlyle from Hitched in Paradise
Ceremony Space Broken Head Beach, Byron Bay
Cinematographer Christian Prieto
Florist The French Petal
H&MU Anita BauerDani Tiene
Reception Venue Balcony Bar & Oyster Co
Rings Michael Hill
Transport Byron Bay Kombi Hire

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