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Emily & Sophie – A Race to Propose First

Emily & Sophie – A Race to Propose First

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Without even knowing, Emily and Sophie were both planning proposals to one another, and were in a race to make it happen first.

Who are Emily and Sophie?

Emily works as a designer for Huntington Ingalls, a shipbuilding company contracted by the Navy. Sophie is a local wedding photographer. They both enjoy scouting out the local area for nature paths with our American bulldog/pitbull mix, Kissimmee. Both are fond of playing video games together on lazy days, and on more adventurous days, they like to go ice skating and explore the local area’s cuisine. 

We’ve been together for a little over four years and met our freshman year of college through a mutual friend.

We want all the detials of the proposal.

Funny enough, we both planned on proposing at around the same time a little while after we settled into our new place in Virginia. Sophie beat Emily to it, and Emily’s proposal followed shortly after. 

Without knowing it, we were in a secret race with one another to see who was going to propose first. 

Sophie proposed first on a date night full of movies, fancy wine, and charcuterie. The proposal was very intimate and personal, with only our pup as a witness. Emily proposed soon after. 

Tell us the details of the non-traditional engagement rings.

Our methods for picking out engagement rings were very much based on our shared love for color and non-traditional gemstones. Emily proposed to Sophie with an Alexandrite engagement ring from Henry Rocky on Etsy. Sophie proposed to Emily with an Emerald engagement ring from Molly Jewelry on Etsy. 

Now you’re engaged, how has your relationship changed.

Our engagement is very much an extension of our relationship. Our dynamic itself hasn’t changed, but we both really enjoy having reached this milestone together and love that we could finally share this with our families. 

How is wedding planning coming along?

We are definitely taking our time with the wedding planning. At the moment, it consists of a lot of Pinterest boards for everything. We have pretty definite ideas on dress styles and maybe a theme, but we plan on having plenty of time to think about all our decisions with a long engagement. We plan to go with a local wedding in Virginia instead of choosing one in our home towns. Wanting to make it fair to both our families. We’re also very excited about the idea of our dog Kissimmee acting as our Ring Bearer!

Vendor wise Sophie is handling the photographer selection as she has a lot of experience in this field. We’ve looked into a few online options for florists that send DIY kits to customers (Flower Moxy). We like a particular vineyard venue in Charlottesville owned by a local couple. We hope to book there for the location; it was recommended to us by a couple that Sophie photographed. 

Photography by Xiaoqi Li Photography

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