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Erin & Lauren

Erin & Lauren

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Tell us a little about yourselves.

E & L: Erin’s an aspiring writer, and Lauren, she’s an aspiring musician. We both love dancing, and there is almost always music playing in the background at home. Erin also has an eleven-year-old daughter, who keeps us both active and playful. We love the outdoors, whether that be camping, kayaking, or hula hooping. When there is no sun left, we’re also partial to a bit of a binge on Netflix and hanging out with friends and family. We have two cats, a very snuggly dog, and an aquarium of suspiciously quiet fish. The dream is to own a hobby farm when we’re older, complete with a few more children and rescue animals.

Can you let us in on the love story?

E & L: We have been together for six and a half years. We met at our local gay pub and became instant friends. There was something special between us from the moment we met, and ultimately that led us to where we are today – unbelievably and excitingly getting used to saying the phrase ‘my wife’!

L: Erin proposed on a bridge in Venice as the sun was setting on New Year’s Day. I proceeded to burst out crying, a happy cry, and said, ‘yes!’. Erin had planned to take me to a romantic dinner on the canal afterward to celebrate the proposal. However, our Aussie selves were no match for the blistering Italian winter, and so, we retreated to our heated hotel to order pizza instead. It was an amazing day that we will always remember.

When you got engaged, marriage equality wasn’t yet passed in Australia, did that impact the engagement in any way?

L: When Erin proposed to me, it wasn’t yet legal to get married in Australia. Erin got tired and upset about waiting for the law to catch up, so she proposed during our overseas holiday. We were going to have a ceremony and do the legal stuff later if it was ever allowed.

About five months out from the wedding was when the debate started, and just three months before the wedding, the vote was passed, and it became legal!

We would never have thought that the year we got engaged would be the same year that Australian marriage laws changed. We were so lucky to have that happen for us. It was an amazing moment when we signed the legal documents, knowing just how long it had taken to get there.

What was the inspiration behind the wedding?

E & L: We both love nature and love being surrounded by trees, and so, we started searching for a beautiful garden to get married in. We came across Harold Boas Gardens during location scouting, and at first sight, we knew it was perfect for us.

L: From day one, we knew that we needed two things on our wedding day – great music and soft fairy lights. One night, when we were sitting at Erin’s parent’s house, I looked at their beautiful back garden and said to Erin, ‘What about having the wedding here?’. It was perfect. We could set it up exactly how we pictured it, with as many lights as we could get our hands-on.

With a backyard wedding usually comes DIY projects. Did you undertake any?

E & L: Yes! Under Erin’s parents’ expertise, we became expert landscapers and painters, putting in many weekends, alongside our families, towards our labor of love. Lauren did a lot of Ikea projects, and the Pinterest pages went a little mad. The hot glue gun became Lauren’s best friend. There were gold bows on flower pots, glitter left, right and center, and of course our DIY wedding signage. All the real flowers were brought in bulk online and were put together, with some help, the day before.

And, your outfits – not a white dress in sight! 

E: Lauren didn’t want to wear a white dress. She’d always imagined something non-traditional and sparkly. The first dress she tried on was the one she walked away with. A golden gown without the wedding dress price tag.

Unfortunately, for me, it was a different story. I looked everywhere for a women’s tux. I wanted something feminine and stylish, yet formal enough for a wedding. The options in Perth were minimal.

Finally, about eight weeks out, we came across Cue. They didn’t have a tux but did have a gorgeous suit. The staff were incredibly supportive and really up to the challenge when it came to finding something suitable.

So, the wedding day. Tell us all about it. 

L: Erin and I have a few favorite memories together and separately for the day. For myself, it was waking up in the morning with my mum. Who was also my bridesmaid, and going for a walk and getting breakfast together. It was very relaxing, and we shared many giggles. Seeing my beautiful friends and family as I walked down the aisle, and then seeing Erin. She looked so amazing, and I felt so much happiness.

E: For me, it was giving my parents their gifts in the morning, reading the song I wrote for Erin, and seeing her come down the aisle. Later on, in the night my favorite memory was dancing with my daughter.

E & L: Together, we both agree one of the best moments was when we arrived back at the house and seeing all the lights, music and our family and friends cheering us on, an unforgettable moment.

Everything went so well on the day, we had some hiccups a few days leading up to the event, but it all smoothed ouT for the day. Erin was so organized and really was a machine in the days leading up, calling all the suppliers and double-checking everything!

In terms of traditions, we both had something blue, something borrowed, something old and something new.

Now that you are married, what does it mean to you? 

E & L: Marriage to us means building a happy bubble together. Making one another’s dreams and goals possible and being romantic at every opportunity.

It also means getting up to let the dog out, even though you don’t want to because you’re comfortable on the couch. It’s concerts in the car, lots of laughTer, and endless years of loving the person you chose to settle down with.

And, lastly, any tips for others planning their wedding day?

E & L: A few of the basics would be; do things that matter first and stick to your budget, attend make-up trials well before the wedding date, book everything in early and plan together, and when you make your budget keep in mind that things will need to be paid off two months prior!

Take as much time as you can to enjoy the engagement. 

Everyone tells you the wedding goes so fast and it really couldn’t be more true. We decided to celebrate the engagement as much as possible, so we weren’t disappointed when it was all over when it came to the wedding. We made sure that we still had date nights and time away from wedding planning.

Oh, and make sure you go on your honeymoon soon after. The best thing we did was go away afterward to enjoy each other’s company.

And lastly, try not to lose sight of the reasons why you’re getting married in the first place.

Photography by Sara Hannagan Photography

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