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Eva & Samantha

These two lovers have been together for two years; they met on the HER app. It was literally love at first sight, and they’ve have been crazy for each other ever since.

Sam began the proposal by telling Eva that she had a surprise for her – that she had hand made for her at work. The night arrived for the surprise to be revealed, and Eva remembers it as a night that was a little strange at first. Sam was acting a little crazier than usual, and Eva noticed that she had an extremely high heart rate – Eva was genuinely concerned for Sam’s health and secretly was ready to call an ambulance in a heart-beat!
Rest assured – it was just Sam trying to find the perfect way to propose. So no ambulance was needed. Phew!

Sam finally told Eva it was time for her surprise – she asked Eva to close her eyes and got down on one knee. She was hoping for the words to flow out of her mouth; however, she was left kneeling there shouting at Eva nervously, “don’t peek,” for what felt like ten whole minutes. After a nervous eight and a half minutes waiting for the both of them, Sam blurted out of her mouth, “will you marry me?”…in Hungarian!

[A little backstory] Eva’s parents are Hungarian and moved to Australia when Eva’s Mum was pregnant with her. Eva had grown up in a Hungarian speaking household.

When Sam said to Eva, “Hozzám jössz feleségül?”, which means will you Marry me in Hungarian, Eva looked at Sam with a blank face. Sam had to scream at her in English –”WILL YOU MARRY ME??” Eva was ecstatic with love and happily said, “YES,” and also felt a little relieved that she had an answer as to why Sam was acting so crazy all evening.

There were many conversations before the proposal about what a dream wedding looked like. We were both set on a forest wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family. So that’s what they started planning. There was never any intention to have a big white wedding. Both agreeing that they wanted to make the day entirely about them and their never-ending love for one another.

On a trip to Byron Bay, they stumbled across a cute boutique boho shop. Samatha walked in, not looking for anything in particular, and spotted her dream dress. She had Eva come with her to try it on, she needed someone’s advice, and as soon as she walked out of the change room, Eva burst into tears. It was a yes!

The wedding day was mostly a DIY affair. Samantha’s jacket says, “Till death do us part,” on the back which she ironed on after I bleached the second-hand jacket and sewed a white rose onto it. Their reception was in the backyard and had a real boho vibe. Pallets for tables and a whole lot of mixed matched rugs and blankets for warmth.

The weather was terrible! It was cold and windy. It rained most of the day and wasn’t more than 14°C [57°F]. They each shivered through it- eventually, just their nerves keeping them warm.

For Eva and Samantha, being married is about walking through life side by side. It’s riding the highs and the lows of life together and supporting and loving each other until their bones are brittle and skin old and wrinkled.

Photography by Blush Wedding Photography

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