Words by Natalee

I had planned a surprise trip to California for our 5 year anniversary, and planned to propose, all while Felicia was planning a surprise trip to Denver…over the SAME weekend. Long story short – I got wind of her ‘surprise’ trip, canceled mine – went with her ‘surprise’ yet invited 8 of our closest friends to come out with us; unknown to Felicia.

We all met out there and had a great time. I planned to propose somewhere during the hike at Estes Park the following day. I didn’t know when or where I was going to do it. About ¾ into the hike Fel snuck us off the trail and down to a waterfall that she has caught a glimpse of. And then she wanted to go across the rock and into the middles of the stream on a big rock.

Without hesitation we dropped out pack backs and headed to the rock – I figured what better time to propose since we were a bit secluded.

As soon as we got to this rock Fel pointed out that the tree next to us had a heart carved in it (aw perfect, I thought). I tried to get on one knee, on this small rock and Fel wasn’t about ready to move close to the edge to help me out. I [sort of] finally got down on one knee and asked the question – both of us laughing and giddy the whole time. And of course, she said yes!

My brother and our friends had packed champagne and we had a celebration at the top. It is such a memorable and special day.

The wedding day, and planning it, was far less stressful.

We hosted ‘Wild Wedding Wednesdays’ at our house leading up to the wedding where a lot of the gals in our family came over to do different things. From spray painting the dinos that we used to putting together all the honeycomb balls – they did it all. Fel also asked me to make a giant backdrop two weeks before the ceremony. Although I acted put out by needing to do it, I really enjoyed it because I knew how excited she was for it and it turned out to look pretty good in the venue.

When it came to wedding outfits we struggled. Struggled so hard; we both had a vision of what we wanted to wear, but couldn’t find it ANYWHERE! Felicia finally ended up having her skirt custom made by a local seamstress. We spent a lot of time at the fabric store, deciding on the fabric and color for her. She paired it with a bodice that she ordered from BHLDN.

I wanted a jumpsuit….So I ended up buying 4; having alterations done on all of them and decided the day of which one I was going to wear.

Despite a tiny bit of wedding day outfit stress on the day everything was so perfect and went so according to plan; it almost didn’t feel real.

Natalee truly cherished having our closest family and friends in one room surrounded by all things we loved. She doesn’t have one favorite memory, but something that sticks out was our dance – we had taken lessons on a particular dance the months leading up to it, and we didn’t mess it up…too bad.

For for Natalee, looking at the constant smile on my face throughout the whole day meant more to her than anything else [cute!].

And, I couldn’t agree with Natalee more; it’s hard to choose just one favorite part! I loved the way she looked at me during our first look; she just lit right up when our eyes met! That smile and glow lasted the entire wedding. It’s so awesome when I stop and think of all the family and friends we had there to celebrate with us! That group of people will probably never all be together again, so it that is so memorable to me! Also, our bridesmaids were the BOMB! My best friend did a rap as her toast that will go down in history!

Our wedding with eclectic, the same way that we are and every single detail intentional.

I don’t know that we necessarily had any traditions incorporated other than having a couple of things honoring people in our lives.

We had family heirlooms merged with our centerpieces and I had a cigar bar to honor my Dad with all of his favorite things as decor. I wore his wedding ring that day of the wedding.

We always take a shot of Wild Turkey whiskey on my Dad’s birthday. So Corey, Natalee’s brother, made that part of his toast – a total surprise, but so meaningful – and all the family members on both sides took a shot of Wild Turkey to celebrate the day as one BIG family.

We both agree that marriage to us feels like such a privilege since for so long it wasn’t a possibility, and we don’t ever want to take that for granted.

Marriage to us is like having a permanent teammate for the game of ‘life.’ Marriage challenges us – makes us be better individually, better to others and makes us want to constantly do and be better for each other. We both feel so honored to have our “ride or die” by our sides!

Photographer Lauren Greenberg Photography
Bodice BHLDN
Cake Becca Bakes
Catering Cesar’s Old Mexico
Celebrant Phillip Wright
Custom Tattoos Erin Sketchler [etsy]
Dog and Llama Collars Ozark Mountain Flower Truck
Entertainment TJ with Nakedcove Entertainment
Event Planner & Stylist Unions With Celia
Florist Ozark Mountain Flower Truck
Hair & Makeup Erin Booher – Blue Skies Salon, Emily Edgar Makeup
Hair Piece Ozark Mountain Flower Truck
Jumpsuit Dillard’s
Musician Shaun Munday
Rings Calvin Broyles Custom Jewelers, Hayley Rupe with Museglass
Skirt Mary Horton [local seamstress] with Mary’s Alterations
Venue Greenhouse Two Rivers
Rings Calvin Broyles Custom Jewelers, Hayley Rupe with Museglass
Skirt Mary Horton [local seamstress] with Mary’s Alterations
Venue Greenhouse Two Rivers