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Laura & Kelsey – A Proposal Photoshoot

Laura & Kelsey – A Proposal Photoshoot

Lesbian Forest Proposal by Between the Pines

They both knew the relationship was headed in the direction of marriage, so when Laura celebrated three years sober, Kelsey planned a weekend ‘celebration’ – a surprise proposal, and had a photographer there to capture it all. 

Tell us about the planning process for the proposal.

We knew we were headed in that direction, but Kelsey had no idea the timing. We had just moved, Kelsey started her new job in Seattle, and Laura was on a cross-country road trip to meet her out there with the pup. 

The plans started coming together before we left Nashville, but Laura knew she wanted to propose among the pines.

It was hard to keep the secret — Kelsey wanted to book other plans! The date and time were already pre-set with the photographer, so Laura needed to ensure Kelsey knew that weekend was booked.

Tell us about the propsoal.

The week before June 17th, Laura hit three years sober, so she planned the weekend as a “celebration” of that recovery milestone.

Instead, the proposal and cabin weekend in the woods was to ask her for forever.

Kelsey had no idea she knew half of the plans ahead of time. A few weeks before, the photographer posted a story asking for a couple for a mentee session (which was all pre-booked with Laura ahead of time). Laura casually flashed Kelsey the Instagram story (trying to be chill) while in a coffee shop, and Kelsey said she’d be in. After a few DMs with the photographer, Kelsey thought we had been “chosen” and won a free photoshoot in the woods.

When the day finally came, what was supposed to be a sunset photoshoot in the mountains turned into the foggiest vibe (classic Pacific Northwest). We had such a blast, and Mollie, our photographer, was amazing at keeping the secret and catching the moment. Laura proposed quickly into the photo shoot, to Kelsey’s surprise, who then started crying with joy. 

Everything was perfect!

Tell us about how Grandma nearly blew the whole surprise!

The only other hilarious story is how Laura went down to San Diego to have dinner with Kelsey’s parents to ask for their support and blessing.

In order to keep that a secret, Laura told Kelsey she was going down for an invite-only crypto club meetup — which Kelsey then told her grandmother while catching up with her on the phone. 

Her grandma then became very concerned and left multiple voicemails about how worried she was that crypto was a scam and wanted Laura to be careful. 

All the while, Laura was with Kelsey’s parents having a blast. 

Don’t worry, grandma, we’re not betting the farm on anything!

Tell us about the engagement ring experience.

The ring is from Brilliant Earth! Kelsey wanted a lab-grown diamond (more environmentally conscious and sustainable) and told Laura already the band color and shape she wanted. However, Laura wanted to do something special, so she chose the “petal” setting, which is nature inspired and reminds us of how our love bloomed among nature.

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed?

We already knew we were long-term committed before the engagement, and we both knew we wanted this step. The proposal happened around the same time as moving across the country and buying a house together, so it’s been so special and a way to celebrate our love and true commitment as we set these new foundations together. 

The life we’re building is worth celebrating, and the engagement and, ultimately, the wedding will be a way to invite our closest friends and family in too. 

Other than that, nothing has changed! We’re just madly in love and can’t wait to be married.

How is wedding planning going? What do you hope for your wedding to be?

We’re so excited! We’re getting married among the trees in Yosemite and planning an adventure weekend and micro wedding with our closest friends and families. We hope it’ll be a time of celebration, adventure, and filled with joy and love (and lots of s’mores).

At first, we weren’t sure if we wanted to elope or plan a wedding with guests because not everyone in our lives/families are supportive of queer people. However, we realized that we deserve to be able to celebrate our love and have our people celebrate us just like anybody else. 

Our wedding is not just for us. 

It is, unfortunately, also a political statement. We should all feel seen, heard, and safe to express our love out loud.

Photography by Between the Pine

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