Frank is a scientist, working as a food chemistry analyst at a local laboratory. They like to do cross stitch, play video games and skate with their local roller derby club.

Scout is a lecturer, teaching university students about film and media studies. They also like to play video games, create from time to time and ride their motorbike.

They live in Kensington, Melbourne, with their four furbabies, all kitties, named Louis, Clawdia, Dusty and Piper.

The details of the wedding day, including the venue, were kept a surprise until the very last minutes. The venue had a simplicity about it but came to life with styling and big floral arrangements. Confetti, sparklers and glitter were a personal touch; Frank and Scout love all things outrageous.

There was never an official proposal as such; they simply decided that they wanted to be together forever. One night, in April 2017, Frank promised Scout that they would marry them – it was very personal, and they kept it to ourselves. In the lead up to the plebiscite, Frank and Scout told family at a marriage equality rally – which seemed fitting and felt right. They both wanted each other to be the one to turn off each other’s life support and what better way to ensure that than marry each other.

Frank sent in an entry to a wedding giveaway that Scout had tagged them in over on Facebook. On their 15-minute work break, and with not a lot of though Frank entered thinking they wouldn’t have a chance at winning. Alas, three days later they found out they’d won a wedding day. Flustered phonecalls followed to confirm the plans and the very next day they signed their notice of intent to marry. It all happened so quickly – it was surreal.

There wasn’t a whole lot of time to plan the outfits. The day Frank and Scout signed the notice of intent, they went to their local shopping centre and bought outfits. They were told to go colourful and big – they delivered.

Scout found an outfit at Johnny Bigg, and Frank found Pierre Cardin at Myer. Franks shoes were glitter Converse, and Scouts were blue Adidas. Glitter was a must.

The details of the wedding, including the venue, were a secret right up until the last minutes. The venue held a simplicity, which made for the perfect blank canvas. Pinks, blues and gold dominated the colour theme. Huge floral arrangements brought the space to life. The vibe was simple, yet colourful and vibrant – it was very Frank and Scout. Confetti, sparkles and glitter were the cherries on the cake.

Scouts favourite memory was the spontaneous cake fight. We had agreed that was wanted to feed each other cake at some point as one of the only wedding traditions to keep. True to form, it ended up being a cake fight between the two of us, with icing on our cheeks and foreheads.

Franks favourite memory was the first dance, and the resulting streamer canons, and then playing with the streamers! It was awesome fun and it was so good to have a wedding that was casual and very us. The cats also still enjoy the streamers, as we took some home for them.

The only thing that Frank and Scout wish they could change on the day – they wish that they had got a photo of them both with their four cats. Otherwise, Frank and Scout were blown away, utterly astounded, at how well the vendors did to make the perfect wedding for them with little to no direction.

DWH featured vendor
Photography Gold and Grit

DWH featured vendor
Celebrant Precious Celebrations

Cake Torte by Mirjana
Flowers Dear Henri
Food Fat and Skinny Catering
Furniture & Neon Good Day Club
Music Fidel and Sarah
Styling, Tableware, Props and Furniture Curated Events
Venue Small Talk Event Space
Video btw Lily