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Franzi & Romi – Love Among a Pandemic

Franzi & Romi – Love Among a Pandemic

Lesbian Love Story - Berlin Germany - Dancing With Her

Franzi and Romi are two lovers from Germany with big dreams, big ambitions and a whole lot of love for one another.

Tell us more about your love story.

F & R: We met on Tinder. Typical modern times, right?

We have too many favorite moments together to count. Our first date, our first kiss – it was magic. Our first party. The first time we met our parents in law and how nervous and giddy we were about it. The day we moved in together. Our first vacation as a couple, which was in Indonesia where we saw a rainbow in the waterfalls – it was absolutely incredible! It felt pretty special to share that with your favorite person. 

However, 2020 has brought on some challenges for us. 

Covid-19 and being stuck in an apartment together without ever being alone has been tough. We love spending time together, but we also value our “me–time.” That’s been completely erased this year. 

On the one hand, it’s nice to get to spend so much time together, and on the other hand, it’s been a lot – among the Covid stresses and anxiety and without having space for oneself. 

But we know a lot of other couples have had to struggle much harder. Lik the couples stuck in different countries and can’t see each other at all. 

Looking at it that way, we are very grateful that we can go through this strange time together. 

We honestly think that appreciation is one of the most important things in our relationship, and that’s why we are still so in love with each other. 

We kiss as much as we can, we complement each other, buy flowers for each other, listen, and try to be present and understand each other. 

Okay – we are also just very cheesy. 

Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

F: Romina is the most curious person I know. Her inner drive to learn new things is impressive. She is incredibly fit – mentally and physically. She has so much energy and the superpower to get along with everybody. 

She is truly someone who spreads happiness, and she has the ability to connect people. 

R: Franzi is fucking smart and hot but mainly really, really smart. Everything she does, she does it well. She is always motivated and believes in herself. She has this “of course I can do that”- attitude no matter what that might be. And the best thing is that she also believes in me. She often tells me she wishes I could see myself through her eyes, and this is true. I honestly would love to see myself through her eyes because nobody has seen me the way she does. 

She gives me the feeling that I’m capable of anything in life.

What’s in the future for you both?

F & R: We have big dreams and big ambitions, and that’s also what we love about our relationship. We are both doers.

We want to work abroad at some point. We’d both like to fight for LGBTQ+ Diversity in the companies that we work for, become thought leaders, bring awareness to LGBTQ+ stories, and show younger queer kids what’s possible and out there for us. 

We would love to create a community around us for people to feel safe and share inspirational projects with each other.

Photography by Julia Liebisch

Lovers Franzi & Romi

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