Gail & Sarah went to school together but didn’t reconnect until 14 years later. In good timing, they bumped into each other at their local Walmart and quickly fell in love.

“I was on my lunch break and saw her. I remember immediately thinking, wow, she looks great, but I hesitated to say hello as it had been so long since we had last seen each other.”
– Sarah

Thankfully for Sarah, Gail did recognise her. They had a brief hello and it was enough to intrigue Sarah. Sarah found Gail on Facebook and followed her daily inspirational quotes and adventurous life.

“She always had such a positive vibe, I saw her always trying to help people. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I started to become infatuated and decided to strike up a conversation”
– Sarah

They spoke about what they’d been doing since school had ended all those years ago. Gail explained that she had experienced some hard times, and was, at the time, five years sober.

Struggling with her own sexuality for a long time, Sarah was inspired by this woman who was so strong, in so many ways, to make so real decisions in her life that would influence the rest of her life.

Gail had never revealed her true sexuality to anyone but found comfort in letting Sarah know that she was interested in women.

“We started taking every day and meeting up for coffee. From the outside, it looked like I had spare time to take Gail a coffee, but on the inside I was rushing out the door, checking my teeth and fixing my hair in the car, dropping off the coffee and rushing off to my own job”
– Sarah

So many times passed where Sarah knew that she wanted to reach over and kiss Gail, but the butterflies in her stomach got the best of her.

“One day we were both pacing around her work and I could feel it. The energy in the room shifted. It filled with nervousness, flirtation and excitement. We danced around each other, each too nervous to make the first move. She turned around, came up and kissed me. Everything went silent, it was us”
– Gail

Sarah and Gail dated for three months before making things between them official. Three months after that, Gail came out to those around her. For Gail it was never something she felt forced into doing, rather Sarah was supportive in a way that allowed Gail to do in her own time.

One year on, Sarah proposed to Gail. It hadn’t taken Sarah long to know, without any doubt, that Gail was the love of her life.

Sarah wrote up index cards with clues on them. In a scavenger hunt around the home, the six clues each read reasons why she was so in love with Gail. The seventh clue read” ‘I have never been so sure about anything in my life, that I really want you to by my wife, and now you no longer have to guess, all you need to do is say yes’!

Gail responded ‘I will’ and they both laughed at the fact that they are so perfectly imperfect together.

“She completes the life of my daughter and myself”
– Sarah.

It’s so amazing to know what one simple hello can do, it can change your life.

Gail and Sarah are now in process of planning their own wedding day.