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A Game of Thrones, Medieval Inspired Elopement

A Game of Thrones, Medieval Inspired Elopement

Texas lesbian black couple wedding inspiration from America

Game of Thrones was the main inspiration behind this shoot. However, the creatives also pulled from the essence of a medieval royal court. The entire inspired wedding feels lush and old-world, in the best way – a modern spin to the gothic vibe.

Why was creating this shoot important to the team? 

The venue was looking to feature themes and couples that are not normally seen in this space. They get a lot of traditional couples, soft colors, and feminine romance in their real weddings and styled shoots. But, as beautiful as it is, the owners were craving creativity, and inclusivity is close to their hearts. Ma Maison means family in French, and they consider everyone who comes through those doors closer than a brother.

This is where I come in. Unique couples are my bread and butter, and I love Ma Maison! I also do not often get much support for my alternative or out-of-the-box creative ideas when it comes to shoots because other content creators here are looking for things that appeal to the masses in Texas. Modern, traditional, or rustic vibes only. I was thrilled to break the mold with this one and really dive into the darkness.

What are the key styling elements of the styled inspiration, and who brought them to life?

We created the stationery, all calligraphy items, floral, and design, and provided all décor from our client closet. My love Deyana with Sweet Dey Cakes made this incredible cake, and Silk & Glow killed the moody makeup looks. Having a real reverend and guest models was vital to give a complete picture, so a few people came just to sit and eat. We also contracted the Running Reverend to attend. 

Key elements in the floral were the moss and trailing, organic shapes to give life and texture to the shoot. The moss created a more medieval feel with the arrangements than generally greenery bases. Table styling included gold chalices, velvet runner, and tall chandeliers, a touch of the past brought forward into our time. Everything down to the detail on the charger plates was chosen to recreate that time with a gothic, modern twist to this regal elegance. One of the brides even had a black crystal headpiece from our design closet to complete the look and they both wore white in stark contrast to our deep and dark backdrop.


When we first met, on our first date it just seemed like we had known each other for lifetimes even though we had just met – some would say, we’re soulmates.

However, there was distance between us, and it’s been one of our biggest challenges as a couple. We have an apartment together, but Ivy still travels frequently for work and to see her mother.

We go into our challenges as a team, and we’re working through them.

Ivy’s favorite thing has always been Ashley’s smile. That was one of the cheesy pickup lines she used when she sent Ashley a DM. Ashley’s favorite thing about Ivy is that she participates in shenanigans and random adventures with Ashley. Ivy is always down for whatever. For example, Ivy is right there if Ashley wants to dance in the rain randomly. Ashley loves that their weirdness meshes so well.

In the future, we dream of beautiful things. We want to do a lot of traveling and get some passport stamps together. We will actually have a “wedding” every year on our anniversary at random places. We are looking at purchasing our first home soon and even the potential of “baby Hardman” becoming a reality.

Photography by Silver Bear Creative

Cake Sweet Dey Cakes
Decorative Elements & Stylist
Marion Matrimony Events LLC
Dress Boutique
Silk & Glow
The Running Reverend
Ma Maison

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