The day I met Gena was a mega ordinary day for the most part – so much so, that I don’t even remember most of it. I know it was June 21, 2013. I know it was Summer Solstice. AIt and I know that I was invited by my dear heart sister, Leila, to go to a lesbian summer solstice party and that it was a Friday. I also remember that I didn’t want to go to said summer solstice party and I had no idea what to wear. I remember that I threw on cut off faded red shorts, a blue tank with white polka dots and a white cotton overlay – and no, I had no intention of being all red, white and blue – it’s just what ended up happening.

So here I am, looking in the mirror, feeling kind of ridiculous, not loving what I’m wearing, and definitely not being so excited to go to this event that had sounded a little strange to me. I also clearly remember wondering if I would meet someone at said summer solstice party. Which suddenly made me realise that I definitely wasn’t going to. I’m not sure if this is just me, but anytime I used to think that I might meet someone at an upcoming event, simply having that thought was like this strange omen that it wasn’t happening. So the minute the thought entered my mind, I was like, awesome – now, I’m not meeting anyone at this event. But, sure, I’ll still go…. {true story, apparently, Leila didn’t think I was going to come at all and was shocked that I actually showed up, I later find out}.

Moving on….in my unintentional American flag outfit, I leave my cozy womb-like apartment (I’m an introvert, cancer and homebody to the max – no wonder Leila didn’t think I would go!) and head to Bryant Park where I plan to meet Leila and her friend Rebecca who I had never met. From there, we would venture off to Brooklyn to meet, what I later found out, is a group of women who would totally be on the cast of GIRLS if Lena wanted it to be a show about lesbians. Regardless, I digress.

I’m at Bryant Park and Leila is running late. Eventually, the three of us meet and head down to the subway to take the F Train to Prospect Park [where the summer solstice shindig will go down]. We get on the train and it’s packed as to be expected – lots of people commuting home from work. At one point, there are two empty seats and I offer them to Leila and Rebecca and choose to stand, so I’m facing them, my back to the subway door.

Maybe 5 or so minutes into the train ride, I hear some random girl behind me complimenting Rebecca on her bag. I’m in the midst of speaking to Leila, so I quickly glance over and see that R is carrying two cotton totes with her, so I’m kind of confused as to what the compliment was all about. Leila and I continue our conversation. Suddenly, I hear the same voice behind me say something like, I’m such a bad lesbian….so now, I turn around, because I’m like, um, what’s going on right now? So I turn around and there is super tiny, super bubbly Gena outing herself to this random girl on the subway (which I later find out was completely intentional).

Since I’m now turned around, Gena and I get to talking – I ask her what she does (a corporate lawyer) and whether she likes it (hates it – perhaps a preview of what was to come months later) and suddenly, what seems like out of nowhere, she goes, wait, what’s your name? Already a bit weirded out, I tell her my name, to which she responds, I KNOW YOU!

Now, I’m totally creeped out.

Introvert Cancer Homebody Jordana super wishes she was back on her cozy couch right about then since apparently, one can no longer trust being anonymous on the subway.

How does she know me, you may wonder? We were both dating the same girl and she had heard about me through her. Yes. The smallest world ever.

Now more than anything, I want this awkward collision of worlds to end asap. And yet, meanwhile, Leila is hitting me on the back of my knee whispering, this is soooo going to be your next girlfriend. Apparently, Leila was Nostradamus in a past life. I’m adamant that that’s not going to be the case as (a) she totally doesn’t look Jewish and I only intended on dating jews and (b) she’s mega short and I had a very clearly set and solid rule that I wouldn’t date a woman under 5’4. I mean, we all have our rules, right?

So Gena leaves the subway, I exhale a huge sigh of relief and continue to curse the subway for denying me of my right to be anonymous. I go to the summer solstice, sing songs praising the sun, help create an altar of logs, flowers and rocks that we cast into a nearby pond and get lots of mosquito bites. On the way back to the subway, I check my phone. Gena, F train girl, as I now called her, had friended and messaged me on Facebook inviting me to her birthday party that night. Super sweet, but not interested. There was nothing more that I craved at this point than getting into my pyjamas and into my cozy bed asap. I had filled my social quota for the day for sure. So I thank her so much for the generous invite but politely decline.

And yet, she continues on….as Gena is quite the persistent one. We continue to text, and about an hour into our conversation, she says, I need to see you again soon – you have three options, (a) we meet for ice cream at your fav ice cream place tomorrow night (b) we meet for brunch on Sunday or (c) both. And of course, she also sent me her wildly impressive gymnastics videos from her days at Penn State so I soon realise I’m texting with an Olympian of sorts. And I’m impressed. And much sooner than later, pretty smitten. And yes, we did meet the following night – but for dinner instead of ice cream [and she met me at my door with flowers!! yes, she courted me hardcore, and I totally fell for it, happily and wholly].

And so Gdana was born. Nine months later, we were engaged. Five months after that, we got married.

But you see, here’s the most important thing about everything I’ve written – the day I met her began like one of the most ordinary days ever. It was super uneventful, super unexciting, super the same as every other day.

What if you opened your eyes each morning, awake to the possibility that this could be the most magical day of your life yet? How could your life change?

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