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Georgia & Grace- A Creative Way to get a Ring Size

Georgia & Grace- A Creative Way to get a Ring Size

Lesbian surprise double proposal in secret garden New South Wales Australia captured by Anetta Kirk

Working out how to find Grace’s ring size without her knowing was going to be a challenge, so Georgia went about it in a creative unique way.

Tell us about the planning process for the proposal.

We knew we were both thinking about proposing to the other, but Georgia being the more organised one, proposed to Grace first, and it came as a complete surprise! Georgia had just started a new job and moved to a new place. Quite a stressful time! Georgia told Grace she had booked a little weekend away to say thank you for doing most of the moving while she was working massive days. So she proposed over that weekend!

Grace still wanted to propose to Georgia, and she had been getting a ring made, but there was quite a delay with Covid restrictions and sourcing a stone (Grace was looking for a very particular one). So much so that they had already started planning the wedding! Around the time when their amazing ring maker Camilla Gough was beginning to make some solid progress on the ring, their wonderful wedding photographer Anetta Kirk reached out to offer a pre-wedding photoshoot. Grace had the idea that if she could somehow time the photoshoot with the delivery of the ring, then she could surprise Georgia with a “re-proposal” and get it on camera.

Grace secretly planned with Anetta to slightly push the shoot to later on in the month, and the ring arrived the day before. It was a close call, but Grace was over the moon that it would work out. The thing about Georgia is that she can always work out surprises. The thing about Grace is that she is a terrible liar. So that isn’t an excellent combination for a surprise engagement. It was the most challenging week of Grace’s life trying to keep the secret. Worth it, though. Georgia was stunned entirely when Grace pulled the ring out at the shoot!

How did you go about figuring our your partners ring size?

Actually, yes! When Georgia was trying to figure out Grace’s ring size, she came up with quite a hilarious plan. She had received a sizer ring from Camilla and needed to find a way for Grace to try it without figuring out what it was for.

One morning, we were on one of our regular walks down to the local café. As Grace stopped to tie her shoelace, Georgia flung the sizer ring into some leaves lying next to the footpath without Grace noticing. Once Grace stood up, Georgia bent down, looked curiously at the ring, and said, “Wow, look what I found!” and picked it up.

She tried it on all of her fingers and said it wasn’t a good fit and asked Grace if it would fit any of hers.

Unaware of Georgia’s plan and amidst a Covid lockdown, Grace said, “Absolutely not! I am not putting some stranger’s ring on without sanitizing it first”.

Georgia later told this story to all their friends and family at our wedding reception. It got a lot of laughs!

Tell us about the engagement ring experience.

Georgia found Camilla on Instagram and had some ideas for Grace’s engagement ring design. Camilla has this incredible skill of combining white, rose, and yellow golds into a seamless band. It was designed in three layers that wrap around each other, creating a wave effect. Georgia knew Grace wasn’t a big fan of stones. So on the inside, Camilla got her engraver Ray (the London engraver) to do an incredibly detailed engraving of Australian roses. Inside, she set two small pink diamonds that you get to see amongst the Australian roses when you take the ring off. It is the most unique and beautiful ring Grace has ever seen.

After Georgia proposed, Grace decided she wanted to have Georgia’s engagement ring made by Camilla, too, so that they had a connection. Grace knew she wanted a freeform parti sapphire and to incorporate some parts of her grandparents’ heirlooms. She knew Georgia wanted something unique and timeless. A piece of art! Camilla certainly achieved this. Her ring band mimics the ripples of water, and the sapphire changes colour in a different light. At first, Grace didn’t know how the ring would look, but when it was finished, it was everything she thought it could be and more.

Photography by Anetta Kirk

Engagement Rings Camilla Gough

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