Honeymoons, the trip most couples take after their wedding day to de-stress, unwind and connect. But, what type of honeymoon do you want?

Whether it is an adventure-filled escape to the highest peaks in the world, volunteering in remote villages or relaxing on a secluded beach with a cocktail in hand – your honeymoon should be a chance to connect as lovers [who are newly married!], do something that you both love or something that’s a little bit more special than what travel usually means together.

Here’s our guide, to the types of honeymoons you could experience as newlyweds.

guide to types of honeymoons

1. Adrenaline Junkies

Does the thought of bungee jumping, skydiving, and swimming with sharks get you amped? An adrenaline-fueled honeymoon might just be right up your alley. While it’s not necessary to tick off those bucket list items every day, between jumping out of airplanes and cascading down cliffs, you might find a whole heap of fun in dusting off those hiking boots and getting lost in nature.

Perfect Adrenaline Junkie Honeymoon Destinations

  • ◻️ Queenstown, New Zealand
  • ◻️ South Africa
  • ◻️ Fiji

2. City Escape

The hustle and bustle of the big city, with things to do every day and night, might just be the honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of. Whether its cabaret shows between food coma’s or shopping boutiques and music in the park; big cities usually mean big opportunities to get lost amongst the streets, people watch on public transport and explore different cultures through art and performance.

Perfect City Escape Honeymoon Destinations

  • ◻️ New York, USA
  • ◻️ Hong Kong
  • ◻️ Melbourne, Australia

3. Cultured Experience

If you’ve been waiting to explore ancient ruins across Mexico or the Taj Mahal in India, or maybe you’ve wanted to immerse yourself in rural Indonesia, your honeymoon might be the perfect opportunity to learn culture and history.

Perfect Cultured Experience Honeymoon Destinations

  • ◻️ Agra, India
  • ◻️ Beijing, China
  • ◻️ Yucatan, Mexico

guide to types of honeymoons

4. Cruise Ship Explorers

Often all-inclusive packages make for an attractive honeymoon option. We’d suggest steering clear of cruise ships that have little to no children’s activities [unless you’re honeymooning with kids, then go all out] and if you can travel outside of school holidays.

Perfect Honeymoon Cruise Ship Companies

  • ◻️ Norwegian Sun
  • ◻️ Azamara Club Cruises
  • ◻️ Paul Gauguin Cruises

5. Homebodies

If you can’t get more time off work, or you plan to have a honeymoon further down the track or you don’t plan on a honeymoon at all maybe spending a romantic few days at home completing those DIY projects that you’ve been trying to find time to do for months [or years].

6. Party Animals

It might be a honeymoon adventure to pride celebrations around the world, late night drinking on the beach at a full moon party in Bali or a trip to Carnival in Rio De Janeiro; if you love to party your honeymoon might just be the perfect opportunity to really get down and celebrate.

Perfect Party Animal Honeymoon Destinations

  • ◻️ Rio De Janeiro
  • ◻️ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ◻️ Berlin, Germany

7. Road Tripping Adventure

Who said you needed to take a plane to your ultimate honeymoon destination, or that there needed to be a destination at all!?

Whether there is a place nearby that you’re happy to jump in the car and drive to, or whether you plan to hire a motor home and explore a new place one day at a time, if you don’t mind spending quality time in the car a road trip might just be the perfect honeymoon adventure.

Perfect Road Tripping Honeymoon Adventures

  • ◻️ The Great Ocean Road, Australia
  • ◻️ The Alaska Highway, USA
  • ◻️ The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

guide to types of honeymoons

8. The Give-Back

Why wouldn’t you use your honeymoon as an opportunity to do good for the world, and for your souls? It might be teaching languages in foreign schools or helping families on farms, using your technical skills to provide healthcare or giving your hands to emergency relief work; the give-back honeymoon is perfect for couples who want their honeymoon to be something so much more than just a celebration of the new chapter in your love story.

Perfect Companies to find Honeymoon Volunteering Opportunities

  • ◻️ WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)
  • ◻️ Help Exchange, Worldwide
  • ◻️ International Volunteer HQ

guide to types of honeymoons

9. Tropical Beach Getaway

Does the sound of soaking in the sun drinking fresh mojitos and coconut juice sound like the ideal way to spend an afternoon? Beach tans and late sunsets are just as relaxing as they sound – perfect after the stress of wedding planning.

Perfect Tropical Beach Honeymoon Destinations

  • ◻️ Bora Bora
  • ◻️ The Whitsundays, Australia
  • ◻️ Hawaii

10. Wine & Dine

A drop of red after grazing a cheese board, or a bottle of organic white over a degustation for some the opportunity to wine and dine for a week or so sounds like a romantic dream – then heading to wine country is the perfect opportunity to connect as newlyweds.

Perfect Wine and Dine Honeymoon Destinations

  • ◻️ Italy
  • ◻️ France
  • ◻️ Yarra Valley, Australia