After just two months of dating and an 18-month engagement, paramedic student, Hayley, and florist, Kate, recently wed at Benowa Botanical Gardens on the Gold Coast, Australia.

DWH: Tell us how you two met.

H & K: We met on social media, which seems pretty common these days… okay, they actually met on a dating app. On the very first night, Kate signed in for the first time she spotted Hayley and started talking straight away.

It’s now been two years since that night.

DWH: And how did the big proposal happen?

K: We went away for Hayley’s 27th birthday to the Sunshine Coast. That night she got down on one knee on the balcony of our apartment, overlooking the water, and asked her to marry me.

I actually thought it was a joke, we had only been dating for two months!

DWH: Well, I guess when you know, you know! How long were you engaged before the big day?

H: Our engagement was about 18 months before we tied the knot.

DWH: Wedding planning. How did it go for you, obviously you had the florist sorted, but what about the venue?

H: Our ceremony was at the Benowa Botanical Gardens on the Gold Coast. We wanted something both full of lush green foliage and gardens and a lake or some sort of water, so it really was perfect for us.

K: We took to Pinterest for a lot of our inspiration. We had a look that we wanted and found most of our vendors, if not all, via Facebook groups – these groups were so helpful and provided loads of feedback and recommendations on vendors.

H & K: We also did lots of DIY projects. The florals were sorted as to the chalkboards to help direct guests.

DWH: Sounds like it all went smoothly! Did anything go wrong in the lead-up to the big day?

H & K: We had no second option in case it rained. We watched the weather radar for a year leading up to the wedding, which was highly impracticable. The weather, thankfully, held out throughout the ceremony!

K: I also bought a pair of wedding shoes without trying them on until the day. Turned out one of the shoes was 3 sizes too small! We had to rush out the morning of the wedding and grab a new pair of shoes! Lucky for me, they were even nicer than the ones I had brought previously.

DWH: Lucky! How was the experience of finding the perfect outfit?

H: I left my outfit until the weekend before the wedding. My sister was the ‘Breastman’, and we found the most perfect suits for each other.

K: My dress was preloved, and exactly what I had in mind! A lace dress with a sleeve, in off-white and with a small train. The back had to be altered to remove buttons and replace with a lace up to fit more comfortably.

DWH: Tell us about the big day!

K: Walking down the aisle and seeing Hayley’s face is my favourite memory. Her face lit up like I had never seen before and the happiness was just pouring from her eyes. Her eyes and her smile is something I’ll never forget.

H: Seeing Kate for the first time as she came around the gardens in her wedding gown is something I’ll never forget. She was beautiful beyond words. Up until that point I had been so nervous and anxious and at that moment, when I saw her, everything just passed and I was left feeling pure joy and love for her. It was beyond anything I’d felt before.

Both our Dad’s walked up down the aisle which was something really special.

The ceremony was lovely, having group photos and then couple photos were really fun!

DWH: Do you have any advice for others planning their own wedding day?

H & K: Try to enjoy the lead up to the ceremony and the whole wedding itself. Take everything in. Take time to enjoy yourself and not worry if everything doesn’t go according to plan.

It goes so quickly, before you know it, the day will be over!

Also, we are so glad we decided to have a wedding in Australia with our friends and family. We had originally decided to elope to either interstate or New Zealand so having our loved ones with us made it really special for us.

Photography by Wood & Willow

Floristy by Kate Maree Floral Designs