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Hazel & Jess

Hazel & Jess

Rebecca Frank Photography Calgary Canada lesbian gay surprise proposal engagement Dancing With Her

This engagement first appeared in Volume 3 of Dancing With Her Magazine. You can grab a copy of that here.

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Words by Hazel

I brought the engagement ring and then had a friend, who happened to be halfway across the country, look after it until I was โ€˜ready.โ€™ Just to avoid any rash decisions and have the proposal well thought out.

Calling her mother and asked for permission, followed by her father and my parents. I packed a hiking bag, put our favorite love songs on a playlist, and organized the hiking trail into the GPS. Then, almost nothing went to plan. We drove to the trail, it started to rain, and there were visible signs that wildlife had been active close-by; cougars, wolves, and coyotes, to be exact.

The backup plan was initiated.

We turned back and went to a nearby waterfall. I set up a blanket and charcuterie board, put on the music, and set up the GoPro. We were the only ones there as the sunset.

As it was Thanksgiving weekend, we asked each other to name three things that we were thankful for, all my answers alluding to what was about to become my reality.

I asked Jess to stand near the waterfall; wanting to get a photo of her and our dog before it got dark. I will never forget the look on her face when she turned and saw me on one knee. It was perfect.

Photography by Rebecca Frank Photography

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