Nicole followed Competitive Crossfit athlete and former professional women’s basketball player, Heather on Instagram, reached out and asked her on a coffee date. They met their future bride-to-be for coffee just after Thanksgiving and they’re yet to figure out how they lived without one another for the last 23 years. They share their engagement story with Dancing With Her.

DWH: Tell us about the first time you met.

N: It was a cold night at a coffee shop I frequented many times before, but on this November night, something was different. I remember how nervous I was to meet her and how I distracted myself by pretending I had work to do on my computer. In reality, I was checking to see if I had anything in my teeth in the reflection of my blank screen. I remember watching her walk through the door, bringing the cold in with her. She wore her infamous flannel, torn American eagle jeans, and had her hair in a high bun. I kept her out as long as possible, my voice hoarse from asking you every question I could think of. Unbeknownst to me, I was in love already. She was, and is, incredibly intelligent, equally witty, and possess a heart of gold. She loves me with passion and patience, all of which I do not deserve but will forever cherish.

H: On that November night I came into the coffee shop (late per usual) and had no idea what to expect. My nerves seemed like they were going to get the best of me when I saw a beautiful woman, seemingly at work on her computer. I went up to the table and barely sat down before I caught her eye and couldn’t look away. We quickly decided to grab a drink to calm our nerves (I remember shaking, and at the time, not realising why). We sat down, and we talked for what seemed like minutes but gently turned into hours. Her intellect, her laugh and her smile still capture me to this day. Her love is perfect for me, and I will spend my life making her happy, almost selfishly so that her smiling eyes will always look into mine.

DWH: Okay, we want all the details, tell us about your engagement!

N: It was a duel proposal! To everybody’s surprise, we each had rings ready and waiting for the other to pop the question. I had been carrying around Heather’s ring for two months straight. Every time we went out to dinner, or to the movies, or to any public gathering, I prepared myself for a proposal. Each time it didn’t happen, I wasn’t upset, but I was getting tired of always looking camera ready and having my nails done every week.

In early March we spontaneously decided to check out engagement rings at a local jeweller that was recommended to us. At the end of our first meeting with the jeweller, I had my entire ring picked out down to the size of the diamond. Heather, on the other hand, had to go back a second time to make her final decision. We decided at this point, we would go our separate ways in buying and finalising the rings. Days later I bought Heather’s ring, and like I said, carried it around everywhere we went for two months.

It wasn’t until early May that Heather asked me to take a random Friday off from work. Heather has NEVER asked me to take a day off from work since I am a nurse and only work three days a week, to begin with. Knowing this, I put the easy puzzle pieces together and anxiously waited for the day to come. That Friday, my best friend Tessa arrived at our home around 6:30, told me to put on a blind fold and to get in her car.

She then drove in a circle for what seemed like 30 minutes before I told her I’m getting car sick. She pulled into what I could only guess was a gravel driveway and proceeded to help me out of the car. All I knew is that there are children running around and someone was calling for their dog. I internally started to panic, and my only “rational” thought was that Heather has a child that she has not told me about and I’ve got this whole situation wrong.

As we inched ourselves into a building, Heather reached out and took my blindfold off. What I saw before me still stuns me to this day. We were at our favourite wine tasting spot and surrounding my beautiful wife-to-be was our family and friends. Heather proceeded to say a bunch of stuff that I fail to remember, but what I will never forget are the tears slipping down her face as she asks me to be her forever life partner.

Of course, I said yes, and as everybody is cheering and taking photos, I slip out a dozen photos from our relationship and a poem by Charles Bukowski and ask Heather to marry me. Her mother is crying, my sister is crying, Matt, the wine guy, pops a bottle of champagne, and the rest is history. We got engaged surrounded by some of the most important people in our lives and it is a day that we will never forget. Words have been quickly forgotten, but the love and laughter of that night will never fade from our memories.

DWH: Okay, that is beyond perfect! How has wedding planning been for you both?

H & N: Hands down the best thing about our wedding is that we have no guidelines to go off. Being two women, there is no cookie cutter way to get married. We have an untraditional everything, from our mixed wedding party consisting of bridesmaids and bridesmen to having artisan-brick-fired pizza. There is nothing “by the books” about our wedding.

We have stayed sane by having each other to lean on…what’s the saying?…Two brides are better than one. Double the fun of everything. Plus we have two mums that are very invested in helping us plan for our big day. Having a wonderful support system has been crucial to stay above water and not cracking under pressure.

Heather and Nicole have a wedding date set for late August at the Riverview Mill Ranch in Post Falls, ID, USA.