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Kali & Ollie – A Unique Lord of the Rings Wedding Day

Kali & Ollie – A Unique Lord of the Rings Wedding Day

Narrow Leaf Photography captured this amazing fantastical Lord Of The Rings Hobbit styled lesbian queer wedding in America (1)

Inspired by a theme of ‘Bilbo’s Birthday Party’, Kali and Ollie brought to life the Hobbit inspired wedding day they’d always dreamt of.

Proposal Story

Finally, the morning came when she asked me, in the middle of a global pandemic, if I would like to go to the Twin Cities for the day. I was initially confused, but then it occurred to me that this odd request may very well be the beginning of the proposal I had been hoping for!

She led me out the back door and then to the front, and when I saw that she had turned all of our collected and created artwork in the living room into a museum exhibit about our relationship, I started bawling my eyes out. She then brought me into the office, which had been turned into the pizza restaurant from our first date.

We stood there and cried for what felt like five entire minutes before we collected ourselves enough to actually go ahead with the proposal itself. 

I don’t remember her words, but I have never felt so loved. She put a gorgeous ring on my finger (the stone is pink!), and I couldn’t stop saying “thank you.” Once I came to my senses post-sob, I laughed at how strange it seemed to get stuck on the phrase “thank you” as I had. But then it occurred to me that it was absolutely the most honest thing I could have said. I am so thankful that Kali committed herself to me and that she wants to share her life with me forever.

Wedding Day

Knowing they wanted their wedding day to feel like Bilbo’s birthday party (from the Lord of the Rings movie), minus the impending threat of unspeakable evil, a Hobbit-styled wedding was a no-brainer. Being surrounded by people who not only love them but who they are comfortable and safe around was very important. With lots of good food, rustic stoneware, cotton, and linen decor, everything warm and functional, and un-fussy. They wanted to set up the party, welcoming guests to share a meal with them, then literally tie-the-knot at a hand-fasting ceremony where they thanked every guest personally for the role they played in their relationship, followed by lawn games and bonfire songs into the night.

They had a group dance to the couple’s favorite Nordic folk celebration music to celebrate. Every part of the day was so intentional and focused on the couple’s commitment to each other.

Some of their guests even dressed the part! It was a quintessential Hobbit Wedding experience!

This intimate wedding was unlike any other, and they got their Hobbit wedding attire from an Etsy seller. The flower crowns were handmade by their friend, and every single detail of the day had a tie into the couple and a strong Hobbit wedding celebration vibe.

They DIY’d pretty much everything, their table setup, the food (the couple even made the soup), the centerpieces, the ribbon for hand-fasting, and even the hand-drawn map of the location (Middle-Earth style).

OH, and they cut their cake with a sword!

Photography by Narrow Leaf Photography

Blouse Sew Timely Shop
Corset ValRok
Earrings Olivia Stone Botanical
Leather Books San Tan Leather
Location Justin Trails Resort
Pants Linenfox
Prosthetic Ears My Monsters SFX
Ribbons Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe
Rings Hello RingMind Jewelry
Shirt, Skirt & Vest Little Women Atelier
Videographer Anders Erik Films

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