Knowing how much a wedding really is going to cost is as empowering as much as it is daunting. Budgets are different for every single couple. You could have a backyard wedding for well under $5K or something extra extravagant that takes you well past $80K. It all depends on what you want, and how many people you want to celebrate with. We’ve put together a guide to help you know what certain things might cost. It’s the perfect place to start when deciding on where you want to put your focus on for the big day.


*Please know that all prices are listed in $AU and are averages for the Australian market – actual prices of every point can vary dramatically.



Whether is a venue that will host your ceremony and the reception, or you’re opting for two different venues you can expect to pay anywhere between $1K to $5K. Sometimes, the cost of the venue is included in a catering package – you’ll need to be sure to ask these questions.



To most, having a photographer, or two, there to capture the day is one of the most important aspects. If you don’t have a family friend that can play the part you can expect to pay anywhere from $2.5K+. It’s one of those things where you get what you pay for, so choose wisely!



Not absolutely necessary, but such a beautiful thing to reflect back on and be able to share with family that couldn’t make it to the wedding day. To have someone there filming the day you can expect to pay anywhere from $2K+. It’ll depend on how long the package is, and also what you want for the end result.



It can’t be a wedding without a celebrant there to officiate the legalities of the wedding day. They’re also really good to have there as they know the in’s and out’s of how a wedding day works better than anyone! Expect to need around $1K to have your wedding both officiated and the legalities sorted.



Flowers are expensive. But there are also ways to cut your costs – make sure you do a little research if cost is something that’s important to you! Expect to pay anywhere between $2K to $5K for your bouquets and other arrangements.



Whether you’re getting in a band, picked up a local busker that you love or you planned on using a playlist from your phone, you’ll need to budget an amount for entertainment. Expect to pay around $1K for the night.


Furniture Hire and Event Styling

Depending on your venue this may not apply to you. Some venues include everything you need in a package, others are a blank canvas. If you want someone to help you along with styling the day expect to budget around $1.5K+ for this. Depending on your budget, there are loads of ways to cut costs around hiring furniture and styling your event – think DIY.


The Wedding Cake

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of a three-tier tower, or you’re tying the knot in an intimate ceremony the wedding cake is always a statement piece. Depending on the time that goes into the creation expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1K+.



To some (including the team here!) this is one of the most important elements of the day. It’ll be highly dependant on the length of your guest list, and whether or not you expect to sit down to a three-course meal or serve roving plates for the evening. Working to a budget of around $110 per person usually means your guest won’t be feeling hungry by the end of the night.



Again, it depends on your audience. If you expect most people will drink alcohol on the night work around budgeting 1 drink per hour, per guest – of course, there will be some that want to celebrate a little harder so grabbing a few extra is a good idea. Some bottle shops will also allow you to return unused bottles so it’s always a good idea to ask!


Remember, this list isn’t exhaustive and you’ll certainly need to budget for other things we haven’t included, like your wedding attire! Everything should be taken as a guideline. As we mentioned, every single wedding will be different.


Time to sit down and work out what you want to prioritise your wedding budget on!