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How to Buy a Diamond Ring on Black Friday

How to Buy a Diamond Ring on Black Friday

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Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season and engagement season, too. Whether shoppers are looking to buy an engagement ring or just a perfect gift, jewelry is undoubtedly top of mind.

It’s estimated that 37 percent of proposals happen during the busy November to February engagement season. And for those not planning to pop the question, many will surprise their loved ones with jewelry, as jewelry ranks the most desired Christmas gift for women. While there’s strong demand and deals to be had, this year’s Black Friday presents new challenges to shoppers, like limited inventory, higher prices, and shipping delays due to COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions.

Here are five tips to help you plan ahead for your Black Friday diamond purchase and avoid unwelcome surprises to score the perfect ring or diamond jewelry.



Consider what’s important to you

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of Black Friday shopping and quickly pull the trigger when you spot a good deal. But, most younger buyers—who represent the majority of today’s diamond buyers—agree that feeling good about a purchase is more important than finding a bargain. Research shows that they want to buy from brands they can be proud to support.  Nearly two-thirds are at least somewhat likely to purchase a product from a brand that represents itself with diversity and inclusion. And, they feel better about supporting small businesses rather than the big box stores. Deciding what’s important to you will help narrow down your shopping targets and make more confident decisions.


Do your research 

Shopping can often be spontaneous, but buying a diamond requires some homework. There are many types of diamonds and gemstones to consider—from white diamonds to salt-and-peppers diamonds and nearly every color gemstone you can imagine—as well as quality and carat weight. Also, give some thought to settings and styles that appeal to you and the recipient of the ring. Many younger buyers are attracted to modern settings and gender-neutral jewelry that may not be available at every jewelry store or site.

You can also save yourself time and hassle by taking into consideration special needs, including sizing. Most engagement rings are designed specifically for women and buyers are charged more for larger sizes, including sizes worn by the majority of men.



Read customer reviews

If you’re like the 59 percent of millennials and Gen Zers in a recent diamond buying survey, you’re heavily influenced by opinions and experiences shared by those you trust, especially social media influencers. Check retailers’ websites and social channels to hear what customers are saying about trending styles and their personal experience with jewelers.

Modern brands like Venvs have active Instagram and TikTok accounts where shoppers share their purchases, talk trends, and bring to light many of the issues facing the traditional jewelry industry like non-inclusive marketing, and styles geared only toward heterosexual couples. Find the communities that most represent you and your relationship and join the conversation before making a Black Friday purchase.


Support smaller, online stores

Thanks to the pandemic, many of last year’s Black Friday sales happened online and the move didn’t hinder shoppers—an estimated Nine billion was spent online on that day alone! As COVID-19 continues to add concern and uncertainty to this year’s shopping season, consider sticking with shopping from the comfort of your couch. It may not feel as festive, but it’s more convenient and safer than crowding into stores and standing in long lines, shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers.

Find online retailers with feature-rich websites that use educational content, customer reviews, and high-quality photos to showcase product offerings, and offer convenient, reliable payment and shipping options. Some sites have blogs with articles about jewelry trends and gift guides and include active user communities to share ideas. For personalized attention and service, choose online retailers that also offer live chat or virtual visits to answer questions, showcase options and help you choose what’s right for you.


Don’t limit yourself to just one day

Black Friday sales are happening earlier and extending well past the Friday after Thanksgiving. Last year, 52 percent of shoppers said they took advantage of early Black Friday deals. It’s likely retailers have similar plans for this year, encouraging shopping while also limiting crowd surges. Taking advantage of them means you’ll have less competition for deals and less stress, too.

Check brands on your list to see which are offering early or extended promotions. It’s also worth visiting their social media channels or making a call to see if you can schedule an appointment for a more personalized shopping experience. Some may be willing to schedule appointments, in-person or virtual, before or after the busy shopping day while still offering the advertised promotion.



Buying a diamond on Black Friday and beyond

Regardless of whether or not you make a big jewelry purchase on Black Friday, following these helpful tips will help you better understand what you want and know how to find it when the time is right. Happy shopping!

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