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How to Find LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Vendors

How to Find LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Vendors

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As an LGBTQ+ couple, going into wedding planning comes with different challenges, one of them being working out if the wedding vendors you want to work with are LGBTQ+ inclusive in their work and will support, and celebrate, your love story. 

If you’re trying to find LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendors in your area to work with, here are a few ways to work out whether or not they truly are inclusive.

Check out their social media accounts.

If the vendor is already sharing LGBTQ+ content in their feeds, it’s a pretty good indication that one of their values is equality. The info section of the account might mention that they work with all couples, sometimes in words, sometimes the rainbow flag symbol will be used to share this.

It’s also a good spot to see if the vendor has included their pronouns (which is usually a good bet they’re working towards being inclusive) or if a vendor is part of a minority group, they might mention it.

If you’ve scrolled, but haven’t come across any LGBTQ+ couples, it doesn’t always mean that the vendor isn’t LGBTQ+ inclusive. Vendors can only share images of couples who they have permission to share.

Stalk their website.

If you’re not convinced a wedding vendor is LGBTQ+ inclusive after stalking their social media profiles, you’ll want to check out their website next. If they are an inclusive wedding vendor, usually a quick scan of their website should confirm that for you.

Here are a few things to look out for on the wedding vendor’s website:

Are there visibly LGBTQ+ couples on their website?
Is there diversity in the images that they are sharing? Often, wedding photographers will include albums of past work, is there LGBTQ+ couples included in that?

Does their about section, or website footer include an inclusivity statement?
When reading through the words on their website, do they mention working with clients from all backgrounds, or include a statement as to why diversity is important to them?

Do they use inclusive language on their website?
The language that a wedding vendor uses on their website will give you a clear idea of the type of clients they are trying to attract.

Does their about form assume there to be a bride and a groom?
If you get to their about form and they ask for a bride and a groom’s name, they might not be as inclusive as you’d hoped.

Does the wedding vendor state their pronouns, or ask for yours?
If you notice that the wedding vendor states their pronouns on their About Page, or their contact form asks to state your pronouns, it’s a good bet that the vendor has done some education around being an LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendor.

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Inclusive Wedding Celebrant Custom Celebrations by Dee

Check out an LGBTQ+ wedding directory.

We’ve done the hard work for you in finding the very best LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendors. Our (easy-to-search) online directory will connect you with wedding businesses who we’ve chatted with and can vouch, they love love for all the right reasons. Their values are in line with working towards a wedding world that’s free of discrimination and celebrates love in every way it might look.

Check out LGBTQ+ publications.

Dancing With Her has published more than 1500+ engagements and weddings from LGBTQ+ across the world. And, within each feature, we’ve listed the creative team that helped make the magic. Go through those lists! They’re full of wedding vendors who’ve already worked with LGBTQ+ couples.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for with us, seek out other publications that focus on the LGBTQ+ community or do a great job of sharing diverse content. Dancing With Them, Equally Wed, Theodore Magazine, Love Inc., and Mens Vows are just a handful. 

Word of Mouth.

Whether you attended another LGBTQ+ wedding, or you have friends in the queer community who’ve worked with different wedding vendors. Asking for the opinions of those who’ve directly worked with certain wedding vendors is also a great way to work out if those vendors are a good fit for you.

Facebook Groups.

If you don’t know anyone personally, there are so many Facebook Groups dedicated to wedding planning. You could ask in groups specifically created for your area whether any other LGBTQ+ couples have worked with certain vendors, or you could jump into an LGBTQ+ dedicated wedding group to ask around.

“I’ve fallen in love with a wedding vendor’s work, but I can’t work out if they’re LGBTQ+  inclusive. What should I do?”

If you’re looking for a caterer or a stylist whose shared work often doesn’t include an image of, or mention the names of, the couple they’ve worked with, it can be challenging to work out if they are indeed queer-inclusive. 

Unfortunately, it’s easiest to have to ask. We agree, it shouldn’t be a question that you ever have to ask. Sending an email that states you’re an LGBTQ+ couple is an easy way to work out if they’re a good fit. 

“Hi there! Our names are Greta and Niko and we’re two brides who think we’ve found the perfect (type of vendor) in you! We’d love to learn more about your availability around (date). Looking forward to hearing from you!”

While this might set you up to experience discrimination, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that a vendor just hasn’t had a chance to work with any LGBTQ+ couples yet, or they haven’t worked with any whose wedding or love story they’ve been able to share, yet.

Looking to connect with LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding professionals? Check out our online directory filled with queer-inclusive wedding photographers, officiants, stylists, and more.

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