So, you’re ready to sit down and plan the guest list. But have no idea how many guests you should invite to your wedding. Here’s a little fuel for your thought, and let us be as brutally honest and upfront as we can here, your guests are dollars out of your pocket.

The GOLDEN RULE to putting together your guest list … Stick to your budget!

Large Wedding – A guest list of 150+

If your budget allows, and you’re a social couple with loads of friends and family, a large wedding might just be for you. Large weddings are huge celebrations, and in some cultures, they can go on for days – we think it might be this way because it’d be impossible to personally speak to all your guests in just one night!

Keep in mind that finding an indoor venue that can accommodate a large guest list might be hard to secure, especially if you’re looking at having a sit-down meal. We suggest getting in early to the spaces you love, most book out around a year in advance – sometimes even longer!

Have a guest list longer than the river Nile that you simply can’t trim down, but want to save a penny? The buffet or food truck trend might be a perfect solution. And, it is totally okay to skip the open bar or keep it simple with a beer and wine that is nice to your wallet.

If money is no object – dream beyond your heart’s content.

Medium Wedding – A guest list between 50-150.

A medium wedding is a popular choice for most people planning their wedding. You might find that you’ll be accommodating to the restrictions of the venue more than your list of potential guests. You also might find yourself in a position where you’ll need to do the dreaded cull. Our tip – if you wouldn’t go out and buy them dinner on weekend, it might be best to just invite them to an engagement party and leave them off the list for the main event.

A medium sized wedding is really great if you want to spend time with your guests. You’ll still feel like you’ve had a busy night, but won’t feel like you need a time-keeper with you to make sure you’ll be able to say your thank you’s to each guest.

Small Wedding – A guest list with less than 50.

If your budget allows for less than 50 guests, or you simply have a small group of friends and family you’d like to share your day with, choosing to have a small wedding is perfect.

There is still enough people for the ‘party’ atmosphere if that’s what you’re both looking to create. The best part, having your favourite cocktails at the bar or having that three course sit down meal you’ve always dreamt of might be much more affordable.

A small wedding will also allow you to spend a little less in some areas while leaving a little more for things that truly matter to you both.

Intimate Wedding – Fewer than 20 guests.

Personally, an intimate wedding is one of our favourites. It’s just the people who matter most in your lives. Usually, a few close family members and your closest friends will be there to share your special day. It spotlights a celebration of the love that you have together.

Elopement – Just the two of you.

When your love is really, all that you need. Just the two of you, a celebrant and a witness. You might want to invite a photographer and/or videographer for the big day too. That way, if there are loved ones who wanted to share the special day with you both, they still can. Plus, what an incredibly romantic moment to look back on.

Whatever size wedding you choose, we think there is every opportunity to make it work just for you. After all, the day should be all about those two women standing up the front declaring their love and commitment for one another. It’s a celebration of just that. Not who was left off the guest list.