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Millie & Sarah – An Emotional Elopement to Palm Cove

Millie & Sarah – An Emotional Elopement to Palm Cove

Intimate Elopement at Palm Cove, Queensland

After deciding to elope, Millie and Sarah planned their destination beach elopement to Palm Cove, and brought five friends along for the journey.

Tell us about how your love story began.

We have been together since September 2020.

I had heard about Sarah and seen her pop up on socials via mutual friends. I’d never met her, but there was something that intrigued me. I fished around via a mutual friend once but didn’t mention that I was interested to know her more.

Sarah, on the other hand… 

The story goes: She saw me on the Litas Instagram, and simply had to know who this woman was! There was a poor excuse made to message me directly, and then back and forth for a while. This was during covid lockdowns, so we both had plenty of time to give. 

I ended up visiting Sarah at her house one sunny Sunday afternoon. I rode into her garage on my bog noisy Harley Davidson. Sarah tells me now that she was very intimidated, watching me walk through her garden thinking, “who is this powerhouse woman”?!

I recall thinking she was tiny.

We had so much to talk about, considering we were perfect strangers.

Tell us about the proposal.

In a word, according to Millie: Fumbled! 

Sarah proposed to Millie. She knew it was coming as we had been to the jeweler together to design the engagement ring. Nonetheless, she was still so nervous to ask me. I’m not sure why, she knew she would say yes but just wanted to make sure I felt special on the day in question, and as if from the moment I woke up everything was tailored to me.

Sarah had planned a weekend of good food, relaxation, and celebration for us. We woke up early on Saturday morning. Millie was drinking her coffee outside, and long story short, when Sarah joined her outside, and it was the perfect time to ask her, all that came out of her mouth was, “do you wanna get married”?

From there, the weekend continued including when Sarah accidentally stabbed Millie in the neck with a chair, she forgot her wallet each time we went to a new destination, and our planned dinner was canceled due to a COVID outbreak at the restaurant. 

All was not lost, the following day we spent the entire day at crown spa in Melbourne, that was nice, and without issue or injury.

Talk us through the decision to elope

We wanted our wedding to be timeless and very relaxed. we wanted to be exactly ourselves and enjoy the day as opposed to being stressed out about it, worrying about other people’s expectations and needs. 

Millie especially doesn’t like being centre of attention, Sarah could cope with it more, I think. But the thought of a big wedding, with everyone listening to such a personal ceremony meant an elopement was always going to be the way for us.

Tell us about telling your loved ones that you’re now married 

Our families knew before we eloped what our plans were. We made the decision to tell them after we had finished planning and everything was booked and locked in.

They were disappointed not to be there, but we stood firm on making this about us, and not everyone else.

Talk us through the elopement.

We eloped with 3 of our closest friends from Melbourne to Palm Cove and had the best time. We had an emotion-filled, intimate and mostly importantly FUN ceremony on a secluded beach. 

The weather was perfect, all our vendors had pulled our dream elopement together perfectly. 

Our reception was held at the private poolside dining area at the Sea Temple in Palm cove. The 5 of us ate the most delicious food, drank cocktails and choreographed a dance to Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love.

Photography by Perspectives Photography

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