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Jasmine & Meagan – Beating Cancer and an Adventure Elopement

Jasmine & Meagan – Beating Cancer and an Adventure Elopement

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We have been together for four years. Before I get into the whole story, some background info about us is that we met in college. I played on the softball team, and she played on the basketball team. A mutual friend introduced us at a soccer game, and when I met her, I immediately felt an intense connection, and we fell in love super fast.

Fast forward a couple of years, we lived in San Diego working and living our best lives, and on Easter of 2019, I went to urgent care because my back was hurting. They did X-rays and sent me to the ER. I then found out after my scans and tests that I had stage four Thymoma Cancer. Our whole lives changed immediately. We both quit our jobs in San Diego and moved out of our house the next week, and moved down to Los Angeles to live with my family so I could get immediate treatment. I did four rounds of chemotherapy and had an insane eight-hour surgery at USC and have a significant scar on my back, which you can see in my wedding pictures.

Jasmine never left my side, quit her job, and was my caretaker. She fed me, bathed me, gave me medicine, and made me get up and walk every day even if I couldn’t. She pushed me not to give up and told me how much she loved me nonstop. And, consistently said that I would beat this battle. At that time, I knew that she was the one. She never gave up on me and took on this battle with me. I lost all of my hair, and she would tell me every day how beautiful I was bald, even though I was self-conscious because I didn’t look the same.

In August of 2019, I beat cancer, and by October 2019, I was pretty much fully recovered. So we traveled the country as much as we could. We went to Portland, New York, Joshua tree, camping in Malibu, Chicago, and more!

She is going back to school to get her nursing degree, and I’m getting my master’s in Education and my teaching credential. We are doing so amazing now we have our own place and living such a blessed life. The timing just felt perfect for getting married. When I was bald, I kept telling her whenever my hair grows back, let’s get married, and we did!

We planned on going to Sedona for our fourth anniversary, which is on October the 21st. Still, the week before our trip to Sedona, we decided let’s just elope on our anniversary on the red rocks! Only inviting our closest family and friends and made the ceremony and reception super intimate and special. We got married at Cathedral Rock, a top-notch hiking spot where there’s an energy vortex. We put our wedding dresses and hiking boots on and then hiked to the perfect place that was secluded and had a small ceremony there.

Afterward, we hiked higher up and took amazing photos right off of the cliff. It was so magical. We got an Airbnb, and our family and friends stayed there with us. It was a mini-mansion in the hills of Sedona, and we had our reception there. It was beautiful! My mom cooked all of the food, and we hired a fabulous local photographer. She even helped me steam my dress when I got it on!. It was such a fantastic day, and we could not be happier!

Photography by Lacie Photography

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