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Jenna & Sarah – Opposites Attract

Jenna & Sarah – Opposites Attract

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After an at-home proposal, in the comfort of their own bed, Jenna & Sarah married in a wedding day that was to be remembered.

Who are Jenna & Sarah?

J: I work in the nuclear industry, and Sarah is a pharmacist. We finish work and have an hour to vent about the day. After that, we don’t talk shop. For fun, that’s the easy one. Mostly we eat. We hunt the internet for places to eat and book our trips around it. 

Lockdown made us discover that we don’t even have to leave the house to have fun, though. We’ve had badminton torments complete with the full get-up, turned our home into Hawaii, an airplane, laser tag, and a Nando’s restaurant.

We like walking (one of us more than the other), and we also drink way too much wine. And we just laugh- all the time. 

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

Officially we have been together since January 2018. We met through Instagram after a couple of “reactions” here and there and began talking in messages. That escalated quickly, and we were soon in each other’s pockets. Before this, I don’t know how I felt about the whole internet dating and although it wasn’t supposed to be that, that’s how it started. It came at the right time for us both and allowed us to get to know each other. 

Aside from your wedding, what is your favorite memory together?

Honestly, our favourite nights are usually in our PJs (ALWAYS matching) with a bottle of wine and a pizza. However, I once asked Sarah where she wanted to go on a date, and she said, “the moon,” so that’s what I did. I transformed our living area, and seeing her face was amazing. So we sat on a moon picnic blanket in our NASA uniforms, in our space living room, eating space pizza and drinking moonshine. 

Tell us about the proposal. 

Jenna: Exactly two years from becoming official, I proposed. We had spent all our time and money building our dream home, so I knew that was where our future was and where I wanted it to “start.” So I calmly made her favorite breakfast, we ate, and looked through a scrapbook that I build on each year. Then I pulled out the ring, and that’s when I lost it while we lay in bed in our matching PJs, and I cried in her face with the ring box held upside down.

It was probably the most disgusting sight to an outsider, but it was just perfect for us.

We still aren’t even sure if I asked the question. After informing family, we packed up our bags to celebrate in a very swish hotel in the lakes. 

Tell us about the poem Jenna wrote on the day of your wedding.

J: There’s always one lead organiser. In our case, it’s Sarah. Although she was stressed a few days before the wedding, everything was pretty smooth going. 

We did laugh the morning before we were to set off to the hotel (so the day before the wedding) we made a lovely breakfast at home, we sat down, and Sarah said, “I can’t eat this, I’m too nervous” she looked up at me who was ramming a folk full of food in my mouth. 

We laugh at our difference and how we handle situations, but that’s why we work. Balance. I wrote Sarah this poem the day of our wedding:

“I don’t think we met by chance or some kind of luck. We crossed paths and something just stuck.

I taught you to sometimes be silly and daft and you taught me not everything’s a laugh. 

And somewhere in those lessons learned, something perfect, unbreakable, was formed. 

I always knew we would end up here, maybe not this time or day. But there was no doubt it would end up any other way. 

I’m often overwhelmed; I love you so much and I cry a lot now, previously an emotion untouched. 

I can’t wait to be married to you, combined. Because it’s fate, the stars have aligned.”

Talk us through your wedding day.

We slept in the same room at the hotel the night before, as did all our guests. We got up and had breakfast in the hotel, and it was very chilled. Sarah couldn’t eat. And as usual, I didn’t have a problem. Most of our guests went into the local village for a beer on the open-topped bus. But for us, the get-ready process began in separate rooms. And we since found out our rooms were very different vibes:

Sarah: no music, calm environment.

Jenna: blaring music, playing marvel on Xbox, drawing dinosaurs for her nephew, and arguing with her sister. 

It was Sarah’s birthday, so I surprised her with a giant paddleboard. She surprised me with a handbag with my new initials and her very own update to the scrapbook.

We met on the stairs, on different floors but couldn’t see each other. 

Sarah walked up the aisle with her dad, and my nephew walked me up. That was the first sighting. We said our own vows, and everyone was hysterically crying. 

After the ceremony, we greeted our guests, and while they drank and ate canapes, we went into the lake district with our photographer for some photos. It was torrential rain, so a change into a pair on vans and doc martens, and off we went. 

We came back drenched to the skin, like literally. We had to go to the room and use the hairdryer on our dresses. Then we met our guests in the restaurant, eat a fantastic meal, and then partied the rest of the night. 

The next day, we were a little rough. We said goodbye to our guests, got back into our robes, and drank champagne in bed. We stayed another night and had a lovely spa day. Then the following day, we popped our dresses back on and went quad biking.

Photography by Jo Greenfield

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