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Jenna & Tori

Jenna & Tori

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Words by Tori

Gosh, it’s hard to even think of where to start when I think about trying to sum up our love story. Anatomy Lab 101 in 2004, I guess is where it all began. I remember standing over a cadaver thinking to myself, “how am I ever going to get through this class? I hate it already,” and I happened to look across the room, and there she was. Standing there completely disheveled, hair in a messy bun, and glasses thicker than any I have ever seen before. She was the most beautiful and nerdy girl my eyes had ever seen. That day was the start of our friendship. 

That was freshman year of college, and over the next three years, our friendship grew deeper and stronger than any friendship I had ever experienced. Jenna was not “out” at that point, and I was exactly the opposite. When I finally came out my freshman year, I had felt so oppressed for so long that when I finally was able to really be who I was, everyone knew who I was. I was the token lesbian of our small college.

At that point, we were older and more mature and realized that we had been in love with each other for so long that we just decided to go for it. I will never forget sitting on her closet floor after we had just had our first kiss. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, and I asked her, “just date me for one week, if after one week you decide that this is going to be too hard to approach with your family then we can go back to being best friends.” That was it, March 27, 2011. 

Here we are, almost exactly seven years later, married and expecting our first child. It’s amazing what kind of life you can have when you just say ‘fuck it all’ and go with your heart. I would never have thought in my wildest dreams that that nerdy, disheveled beautiful girl I saw in anatomy class would be the woman that I would marry and raise my children with. All I can say is I am absolutely the lucky one.

Photography Jamie Allio

Cake Creative Cakes and Dessert by Dena
Catering Good Times Rolling Kitchen
Celebrant Jen Paul
Event Hire Verve Events and Tents
Lighting Arizona Production Rentals
Music The Encore Quartet
Venue Orchard Canyon

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