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A Rustic Log Cabin Elopement with a Hint of Western Vibes

A Rustic Log Cabin Elopement with a Hint of Western Vibes

Lesbian rustic boho winter elopement wedding in Ohio USA captured by Elizabeth Nihiser Photography (1)

This creative team in Ohio brought to life this unique rustic styled elopement that is the perfect blend of cozy cabin feels and wild west.

Can you tell us about this rustic cabin shoot? What are some elements that make it unique from other elopements?

The location inspired the style. My initial proposal to vendors stated that I wanted to capture a “hint of western” style. I wanted to use dried flowers and feathers instead of fresh florals and turned to Etsy to find the bouquet and hatpin from Kayya Decor. A bolo tie was also a must for the shoot. I reached out to a stylist friend, Juliana Jackson, and asked to borrow some items from her collection. She loaned her bolo from Sweet Tea Salvage and the vintage turquoise rings (passed on from her grandmother).

When Kristin from Lovely Arrows Design said that she wanted to paint a hand-lettered leather jacket for the shoot, I was thrilled. I wanted a minimalist, long-sleeved wrap dress for Lisa to wear and found the perfect one at Baltic Born. When Amy asked what she should wear as an officiant, I recommended a Baltic Born dress for her as well. She chose a dress with the perfect color and velvet texture. Her dress created a focal point and balance in the ceremony photos! Without that sage color, everything would have been shades of orange and brown.

In addition to doing fantastic work on the hair and makeup, Savannah Gordon also designed the couple’s table and helped with coordination. This was the 4th styled shoot that Savannah and I worked on together!

In addition to the hand-lettered jacket, Kristin from Lovely Arrows Design also created unique signage. I knew that there were some Pendleton blankets in the cabin, and I wanted to work them in somehow for the shoot. Kristin used some of the classic Pendleton designs as inspiration for the signage.

Finally, our cake topper was created by Julie of Thistle and Lace Design. She made a custom cake topper for a former bride, and I knew that I wanted to work with her again. Unfortunately, our cake vendor came down with COVID at the time of the shoot. But I was able to order a small vanilla one from the local grocer. It came with a bit of lean, but I think that just adds some character!

Words by Jennifer & Lisa

Our best memories are barely memories, but just those days where we can savor a little extra time around a campfire or on a front porch. These photos are in Hocking Hills. One of our favorite memories there (other than this day) was finding a trail we didn’t know. Going off the beaten path a little bit, and finding the most beautiful places. A simple adventure but a favorite in our books!

Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

Lisa– We’re different from each other, but we allow each other those differences because we always want the best for the other person. But I’d say we also do a fair amount of pushing each other just outside our comfort zone in a good way.

Jennifer is thoughtful, generous, loving, insightful, and intelligent. She also makes sure I have snacks in the house, so I don’t get grumpy.

I love her smile, too!

I have a terrible habit of overbooking, and she is amazing at getting me to take moments to breathe and not take everything so seriously.

Jennifer– I love the lens that Lisa views life through. She finds the light in some of the darkest corners. She exudes an energy that is warm, kind, and loving. You can feel it anytime you are in her presence or in the presence of someone who loves her. It’s contagious.

I could go on and on about the things I like about Lisa. But I have yet to find words that adequately capture her essence as beautifully as these photos in the styled shoot do.

Photography & Cinematography by Elizabeth Nihiser Photography

Accessories Target
Bolo Tie
Sweet Tea Salvage
Cake Topper Thistle and Lace
Calligraphy & Signage
Lovely Arrows Designs
Decorative Elements Partydreams Hocking Hills
Dress Designer Baltic Born
Florist Kayya Decor
H&MU Savannah Gordon
Location Black Bear Ridge Cabins
Amy F Aurore

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