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Jennifer & Sky

Jennifer & Sky

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We’re both from Manitoba, Canada. We met about two years ago, and we’ve been glued at the hip ever since. Spending our time browsing used bookstores, road tripping to concerts, camping, sipping sangria, and spending lazy Sundays at home with our guinea pigs and our cat. We are currently planning a wedding for September 2019 but are also debating an adventure-centric elopement or small wedding. Our engagement happened in October, and the whole thing went down in the most unconventional but completely authentic way!

The proposal

Sky: We spent the entire summer of 2017 camping, hiking, and basking in the beauty of nature, sometimes we got rained out and had to sleep in the car (hello, Rushing River 2017), or we camped at Bird Lake. We also hung out with family and drove to new small towns as well as driving to Minot to see Paramore on Saturday and powering back to see Couer de Pirate the following day. An adventurous summer does not begin to explain it.

I jokingly asked Jen to marry me every few weeks for the entire year, telling her when I actually asked (always thinking I’d do it first) that I’d have a ring and be on one knee. Of course, I accidentally saw that Jen had ordered a ring for me, so the next day I ordered Jen one. 

Jen: Sky had always joked about getting married. I had first replied, “Maybe.” It then switched to “One day,” and then, “I will…one day.” 

There was a point where I blurted out the words “Will you marry me?” after we had been laughing and tickling each other and just generally being stupid together. I was in love with the moment, our laughter. I was in love with how I felt myself entirely around her. Before I knew it, I had ordered her an engagement ring, thinking I would propose at least six months down the road. But soon after, we both came to realize the other had ordered a ring, and we tiptoed around this. Finally, we both admitted we had. Sky jokingly suggest she could hunt around the apartment for it, and I went for it. A game of “Hot or Cold” ensued. 

She found the ring box and handed it to me. For some reason, she was on her knees, and I was not. I opened the ring box. Sky instantly turned her head away, unable to stop her tears. I started sobbing too; the moment was surreal. I couldn’t even get my whole damn speech out. Only the very essential question, “Sky, will you marry me?” We were both a mess. She stuck her hand out and nodded, and I shakily slid the ring on her finger. We cried very happy tears.

Several days later, I brought in the final bag of groceries from the car while Sky was in the kitchen putting them away. I walked into the apartment to find her on one knee.

Sky: …with a ring that I managed to buy two and a half sizes too big!

Jen: I couldn’t contain my excitement. She managed to keep herself composed enough to offer a beautiful, eloquent proposal, and of course, I agreed.

Sky: fast forward six hundred and some days, job changes and university semesters behind us and a lot of changing our mind, we’re here, ready to marry one another and be Mrs. and Mrs.! 

In March, we spent a brisk afternoon at one of our favorite places in Winnipeg, our hometown, with our amazing photographer, Krista Hawryluk, to celebrate our engagement with a photo session and finished the day with some vintage shopping, bookstore browsing, and coffee. We are so excited to embark on this adventure together!

Photography by Krista Hawryluk

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