One of the standout parts of Jess & Lucie’s story is how Jess proposed. Lucie, a massive fan of Disney and all things fairytales, was handed a leather-bound notebook and inside, Jess had scribed a fairytale, featuring their very own love story. It’s one of the most romantic wedding proposals. 

A note from the photographer: Light Smith Images

The girls brought this book along with them, a special item they wanted to be captured during their engagement shoot, and some of my favourite moments from the afternoon are when they sat together and re-read the end of the story. It wasn’t until I got home and was editing the images, that I actually read that final page in the story (which I have to say, got me a little bit emotional, but I am bit of a sap when it comes to these things!).

…how could I forget you? Lucie, I do not want you…my soul needs you until forever.”

In keeping with their love of fairytales, the lovers wanted a setting that had a magical, woodland feel.

On a bright winters afternoon, I met Jess and Lucie at Mt Coot-tha. I jumped in their backseat, and together we ventured to a secret little place I had spotted recently that I knew would be perfect for this pair. Time actually seemed to slow down as we found rocks to jump, bursts of light to chase and secret little paths to explore. Unprompted, they danced. Lucie jumped into Jess’ arms, and they held each other so tight.

Hands were kissed tenderly, and there was so much laughter – every beautiful moment of still was punctuated with heads-back-eyes shut laughter.

Then towards the end of the session, Jess & Lucie brought out that leather-bound book. Inside, the handwritten fairytale that Jess had written Lucie, their very own happily ever after.

Jess & Lucie – the love you have for one another made for the most inspiring, magical afternoon.

Photography by Light Smith Images