Meet Brisbane women, Jessie & Kat, they have recently celebrated their engagement. Jessie knew that Kat was planning a proposal around Christmas, so, she jumped the gun, flew overseas and got down on one knee.

DWH: Tell us a little more about Jessie & Kat, who are you both, and how did you meet one another?

J & K: Jessie is a psychologist while Kat works with the Australian Government as a Program Assistant. We met nearly 5 years ago at work where Kat was working as the second in charge, to supervisor Jessie.

“Kat is quite introverted so I really thought she didn’t like me for the first few weeks, it wasn’t until a co-worker mentioned that Kat spoke about me a lot outside of work that I knew she didn’t! It took Kat 2 months to ask me out!”

We spend time together outdoors which might be climbing a mountain, walking our dogs or spending time on the coast. Together we really into the arts, we love films, Kat airbrushes in her spare time, and Jessie is a photographer – a creative household.

Oh, and we’re also very obsessed with our fur babies, it’s probably a little unhealthy.

DWH: How did the proposal planning go?

J: Kat had wanted to get engaged for quite a while, but I really wanted to finish my university studies first. I knew that Kat was planning to do it around our anniversary, so I jumped the gun and beat her to it!

K: In September, we flew over to New Zealand, our favourite holiday destination, to see a good friend. Our friend dropped us off the Beaker Bay in Wellington just before sunset and said she had ‘some errands to run and didn’t want to bore us’. I was completely clueless to the hidden photographer and cried like a baby. I’m pretty sure that I took the ring from Jess before she’d stopped talking.

J: The day before, my friend and I were in her room. She was looking at the ring, and the box was on the bed. Kat was supposed to be in the shower but popped in unannounced and asked for some shampoo! I told her to ‘get out’, and she thought I was being a complete bitch, she didn’t see the ring, and now it’s a funny story.

DWH: Oh no! Any reasons why you chose New Zealand?

J: New Zealand is the home of some of our closest friends, and we’ve visited a few times.

We have some really wonderful memories there, like the time I was invited by some friends for a ski trip and Kat decided to invite herself along! We’d just starting dating and really started to form a deep connection over teaching Kat to ski.

DWH: Tell us more about the rings, how did you find the perfect rings?

J: When Kat gave me the ‘green light’ after graduation we spent a weekend ring shopping. I found it so hard to find anything I like, but Kat fell in love with a ring from Michael Hill which later I went back with her Mum to see it and ended up walking out the door with it.

Keeping it hidden for three months before our holiday – let me tell you, it’s not easy!

My ring designed by Jason Withers in Brisbane.

K: Our rings are totally different but suit us both as individuals so well.



DWH: What does your engagement mean to you both, has anything changed?

J & K: We have been together for so long, getting engaged didn’t really change anything a whole lot. It has been really special to celebrate with our family and friends and wedding planning has been really fun, so far.

It has made us very aware of all the wonderful people in our lives and how lucky we are to be surrounded by them

We do have some members of the family who disapprove of same-sex relationships which has been really heartbreaking. However, we focus on the good in our lives and how amazing it has been to have found each other.

Being engaged has been a lot of waiting for the Australian Government to wake up and legalise marriage equality.

DWH: Isn’t it way past it’s due by date! How is wedding planning going?

K: Good! We have done a lot of the planning already. Our ceremony is in May 2018, in Brisbane. However, we will be legalising it internationally. We hope for our wedding to be a statement, not just to our love and commitment to each other, but a statement to the Government that they can’t dictate our love.

There will be same-sex love and same-sex marriage in Australia regardless of what the law says. We will just file the paperwork elsewhere.

We are so excited for our wedding day and to share it with the people nearest and dearest to us.

Many of our vendors have done same-sex weddings before, so that’s comforting. We are finding most of our vendors through word-of-mouth and online searches.

Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration. We are going with a boho theme that’s quite relaxed, much like us. We want everyone to enjoy the day and be comfortable.

Jessie and Kat will wed at a Brisbane venue in May 2018.

Photography by Dreamlife Photography Brisbane