Kacee and Malanei found each other when they were both least expecting it. Each of them had just got out of long and not so healthy relationships and had been single for a while. Their relationship was built off of friendship, at a time of redefining and discovering themselves.

They didn’t discuss the logistics of a proposal, Kacee knew that it would happen sometime, just not when. What she didn’t know was that Melanei had already asked Kacee’s Mom & Gram for their blessings and kept it a secret to herself for the perfect time to ask. She’d had the ring for months before the moment would come. 

Neither Kacee and Malanei hadn’t actually been out of the country before. They both love to travel, so for Christmas, Kacee surprised Mal and got her a passport They decided that Puerto Vallarta was both beautiful and safe, so decided to plan their first international trip.

It was the perfect place to propose.

They were living in Colorado at the time, and when they were trying to fly out for the vacation, a blizzard nearly got in the way. In fact, their flight got moved and delayed twice because the airport shut down. 

It was an anxious wait for Malanei, who wore the engagement right the whole time at the airport backward on her finger, hoping that the ring box wouldn’t get screened going through TSA.

By the end of the trip, they were no longer girlfriends, rather fiances.

So far, they haven’t got a lot of wedding planning done. Malanei is often away from work for a month at a time, and Kacee is the type of bride that’s had her dream wedding pinned and planned out from her childhood. One thing they have decided on is a Fall wedding in 2020, probably something small on the beach in Florida for the ceremony and a huge reception that’s family-friendly back home.

Photography by Transcending Photography