A note from the photographer

“Queerlove Utopia” was the theme for Karina & Lynette’s gut-wrenchingly authentic, beautiful, real AF wedding at Millwick in downtown Los Angeles.

This was the wedding that gave us all hope for the world and moved everyone to tears, and is exactly the kind of act of radical love and inclusion that we all need in our lives right now!

The brides, who have been together for six years and have children together, lovingly and intentionally set out to create a safe space for themselves and their friends and family who attended from Brooklyn to San Francisco.

Karin & Lynette, from San Francisco and Brooklyn, are also Mexican and Puerto Rican. Some of their guests couldn’t attend due to the natural disasters that decimated parts of both countries, and they set out donation boxes for disaster relief for victims of the earthquake and hurricane in both countries in lieu of gifts for themselves.

The design elements reflect a bit of who the couple is and their heritage; Lynette is Puerto Rican and Karina is Mexican and Swedish. One element they incorporated was white Papel Picado table runners and Mexican elements for the cake. They found an incredible Bomba band, Cunya, (traditional Afro-Puerto Rican music) to start and end the ceremony. Lynette & Karina went with copper tones and deep reds/oranges and did a literary-type theme with tables with short story “chapters” about moments and places that are important to them.

Words by Karina

My partner Lynette hails from Brooklyn and I was raised in San Francisco, where we met almost six years ago. I love Lynette’s quick wit, her hearty laugh and white Kangol that she tilts to the side. I love how much her nieces and nephews love her and how important it was for her to move back to SoCal so she could be closer to them. I love her authenticity, how she sees the world and the truths too often hidden. The way I feel when we embrace makes this journey of a life together worth every bump in the road as we learn how to heal, grow and stretch alongside the person we cherish most.

What does she love about me? She laughs at my cheesy jokes with sincerity, when we dance our rhythm syncs, she loves how I believe and work towards a world that works for everyone, appreciate family, her culture as much as mine and being steadfast in finding my path as a writer and artist. We come from different places but were both raised on hip hop, cassette tapes, and New Edition. I know she loves how we experience life together. We climbed Half Dome a couple years ago, something I never thought I would or could do, and in her first trip to Mexico City with me, her proposal came beautifully and unexpectedly from the top of the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan as we made our wishes for the New Year.

This year, Lynette rode her bike across California for the AIDS/Lifecycle in memory of her uncle, and I supported as a roadie. I loved the experience, even in all its challenges, of sharing this symbolic journey back to LA together and honoring those who live with or have passed from HIV/AIDs.

What I was most excited about for the wedding was our ceremony and vows to each other – a commitment before family/friends/community and having so many people we love with us to witness and celebrate our love, our proudly queer love. It took a lot for us to get here, for our families to accept us and see us for who we are and then to want to celebrate our love; it was very precious. And having our friends and community there to also witness, who have their own stories and journeys and experiences, what’s most important are soulful commitments, witnessing and celebrating all together.

Cake Big Sugar Bake Shop | Catering Eco Caters | Ceremony Venue Millwick | Event planner Jennifer Jeanne Events |DJ Glenn Red L.A. | Florist DIY | Photographer J Wiley Photography | Photobooth Flipbook Frenzy | Band & Dancers Cunya