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Love Brewed in a Bubble Tea Shop

Love Brewed in a Bubble Tea Shop

A fun gay love story captured by Kassia J Photography

Karissa, who worked at the bubble tea shop, captured Yarrow’s heart, one bubble tea at a time. She knew Yarrow’s favorite order by heart, a gesture that marked the beginning of their sweet journey. This small act of care and attention laid the foundation for a relationship filled with love, understanding, and shared passions.

When asked about their favorite memory together, Karissa and Yarrow fondly recall the joy of moving into their first place. It was more than just finding a common space; it was about creating a home filled with love, warmth, and their beloved cats. Their home quickly became a hub for friends, laughter, and celebrations, embodying the couple’s welcoming and loving nature.

Like any relationship, they faced challenges, particularly in balancing time to pursue their shared passion for art. Both naturally creative, Karissa and Yarrow dreamt of collaborating on projects that reflected their artistic spirits. They envisioned selling clay work, paintings, and unique crystal gift boxes online, merging their talents into creations that others could cherish.

When it comes to expressing their adoration for each other, their words paint a picture of deep affection and admiration. Karissa cherishes Yarrow’s loving nature, her understanding heart, and her ability to see life in a way few others can. Yarrow, on the other hand, is enchanted by Karissa’s sense of humor, her ability to bring joy effortlessly, and her thoughtful gestures, like surprising Yarrow with flowers or her favorite snacks.

Photography byย Kassia J Photography

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