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Kat & Kirt – A Feminine Boho-Inspired Byron Bay Wedding

Kat & Kirt – A Feminine Boho-Inspired Byron Bay Wedding

Boho Byron Bay Same-Sex Wedding - Melissa Findley - Dancing With Her

Kat and Kirt celebrated their love in this beautifully styled feminine, boho-inspired wedding in Byron Bay, Australia.

Words by Kat

We met on a night out one Sunday at The Beat in Brisbane seven years ago. Something about that two am air brought us together, and we have literally been inseparable since. The longest time we have had away from each other has been five days [thanks to a business trip]. Who knew it was possible to find the love of your life in a night club!

Our proposal was magic. 

It was in New York during the Fall, and we had started the day exploring the city. After three weeks of traveling the States, I had no clue what was about to unfold. 

We went inside the iconic state library, and after wandering around the historical books, I noticed Kirt was acting a little funny. She kept walking ahead and then hanging back. It wasn’t until I was standing in their grand marble staircase, I went to take a photo, and she asked me to turn around. 

I can still remember her shaky hands holding the ring box and beautiful teary green eyes. She couldn’t get the words out; we just held each other crying for what seemed like twenty minutes. 

It was the most breathtaking moment of my life. We couldn’t move at that moment; it was like time had stopped as people walked by us. 

I think because it was such a quiet place, it made the emotions even more intense. 

We just kept holding each other, and I looked up and saw the security guards standing at a distance crying too! I remember her whispering, saying, “Will you be my forever?” as she put my ring on -I was, of course, so happy and said, “Yes, always!” 

Kirsten then wiped my tears and led me outside to the library’s front steps and sat me down to watch something she had spent over a year creating. It was the most beautiful movie made up of all of our photos of adventures, videos of friends and family saying “Yes” to Kirsten asking for my hand in marriage. 

Because my late father is no longer with us to ask, she went on a plight to contact him through letters, emails, messages in a bottle, and tied to balloons sent out to the universe asking for a sign of approval. As I was watching the movie on her phone, the most incredible thing happened. A truck blew his horn on the busy New York Street, and as we looked up, the truck had a name on the side “JEFFREY”- that is my Dad’s name. No moment had ever felt more right. He was a truck driver. We spent the night celebrating over pasta and champagne- it was a beautiful day!

As soon as we landed back in Australia, we started planning our dream wedding, so just under a year. Our wedding date was set on the same date as our engagement.

We both love Byron Bay, and we always have beautiful memories of camping and adventures there. We had always dreamed of being married there amongst nature, surrounded by our close friends and family. 

The Earth House was new to the list of venues we had booked to see and the last place to check out. As soon as we arrived, I knew it was the place I wanted to share my vows with Kirsten as the look in her eyes and smile said it all. We both fell in love with the expansive gardens and tasteful simplicity of the rustic setting.

Kirsten had always envisioned our wedding day getting married in a kilt. 

To pay homage to her Scottish heritage, we had a traditional tailor custom design and created one for her, complete with authentic sporran and ghillie brogues. The materials were shipped from Scotland and took just under a year to make. A local designer had custom made cufflinks for Kirt with a photo of our parents who could not be there. 

She looked absolutely breathtaking.

I found my dream dress through the help of the wonderful ladies at White Lily Couture. A strapless mermaid styled ivory lace and soft tulle gown by the US designer Enzoani. I had always dreamt of wearing a traditional mantilla veil with a long train from my Filipino and Spanish heritage. I wanted an elegant dress that hugged my curves with a timeless design. It was everything I hoped for!

The wedding day was perfect. 

We created a romantic and modern bohemian vibe for our special day to reflect who we are as people. Kirsten and I are both relaxed but are quite traditional from both heritages, so we incorporated elements to suit our day. From imported pampas grass and florals from our time in California to a middle eastern styled menu and feast by our favorite restaurant. Love spells and magic touches, poetry, and raw crystals dripped over our tables to share with guests. 

Walking down towards Kirsten was one of the most sublime moments of my life. It was like everything went silent, and all you could see was her. 

Together our favorite part of the day was hands down, exchanging our personal vows to each other. To us, the ceremony was so important, and being legalized meant that signing the certificate made us feel accepted and recognized. 

We both lit candles for our late Mother and Father before our ceremony and played a tribute song for them both. We wanted them to be remembered and with us in spirit on the day, so we had their framed photos on the fire mantle within the Earth House. Kat also had her grandfather’s handkerchief close to her heart on the day.

One thing that didn’t go to plan was that our piper continued playing tributes (such as titanic) on his bagpipes well and truly after the ceremony! Our lovely wedding planner gently ushered him on. Bless him!

We loved every moment of our day, from getting ready to dancing the night away! 

For Kirsten, marriage means finally getting to spend the rest of your life with someone she loves. It’s a lifelong commitment of love, happiness, and trust. It’s a forever thing, and she knew the moment I met Kat; she was the one.

Marriage means everything to me. I am solely devoted to Kirsten, and I would do anything for her. I believe that once you take that step in commitment, nothing else can or should shake what you both share. To me, it is the ultimate level of showing love, respect, and honor to another person. I feel lucky to have found that in Kirsten.

Photography by Melissa Findley

Cake Nancy Ho Bakes
Florals Bower Botanicals
Gown Enzoani
Stationery The Little Press
Venue Earth House
Videography Rabbit and the Bear

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