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Kate & Taylor – Finding Love While Engaged to a Man

Kate & Taylor – Finding Love While Engaged to a Man

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Kate and Taylor met at an ocean-themed film conference in Jackson Wyoming. Both were in no position to enter a new relationship, much less a relationship at all. They said goodbye, intending never to see each other again. Fast forward 4 months and they’re living in a treehouse in WA together. Life is pretty funny sometimes.

What is your favorite memory together?

If ending an engagement (see below) isn’t challenging enough, we kayak-packed to a remote island off Washington State’s coast in the San Juans. We lugged our gear across a channel filled with seals, jellies, and dolphins before landing in a small bay in one kayak. After hiking around, we found an overlook to pitch our tent on with an amazing 180-degree view. 

After we had a few boxes of Annie’s mac n cheese over a makeshift rock fire pit, we watched the sun go down over the islands. The stars were INSANE. We hopped in our kayak and went night tide pooling under what seemed like more stars than sky. We both remember one particular moment where we looked at each other and just thought, ‘damn, did I really find someone who would kayak-pack and night explore with me?” It turns out we had.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

Taylor was engaged to a man when we met. She was fully engaged, straight, and ready to marry a dude. 

After the conference, we ended everything between us. We went our separate ways- Taylor to get some therapy and navigate her DC relationship, Kate to forget Taylor in New York City. 

Fast forward four minutes after a dramatic goodbye and texts were flying. We never stopped talking. It was difficult for everyone involved. It took a lot of trust, a lot of tears, and a lot of honesty, but we made it through to the other side. 

Taylor and her ex are still friends, and the two of us are happier than we ever could have imagined. 0/10 recommend meeting the love of your life while engaged, but every day we are both reminded of how worth the struggle it was to live this epic life together.

Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

My favorite thing about Kate is that she makes me believe that I can do anything. She is adventurous, bold, wild, and brave and all of those things make me feel like I can do literally anything I set my mind to. She makes me feel invincible, strong, and free.

Taylor shouldn’t be the way she is. Coming from a small town, everyone around her wants a house, 2.5 kids, and a nice husband to kill spiders. Taylor wants so much more. I love her willingness to drop everything comfortable and easy and just dive headfirst into what she feels is right. She trusts her gut and doesn’t question why. I wish more people were like Taylor because the world would be a hell of a lot more courageous, epic and honest.

What’s in the future for you both?

Honestly, we don’t know- just that it involves each other. In August, we dropped our apartment in DC and have been traveling the country and world ever since. We want to pick a spot and stay for a while, ideally near waterfalls, hiking trails, dive sites, and of course, the ocean. Luckily we just bought a Subaru Crosstrek so that we can go pretty much anywhere.

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