Kath & Renée – A Wonderful Winter Inspired Elopement

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Together, our favorite memory was taking a winter trip to Yellowknife, NWT in Canada, where Renée grew up. We saw the Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights in person, not to mention getting some dog sledding in as well! As we had gotten engaged in YK on an earlier trip a few years before.

However, we have faced many challenges over our six years and grown so much into ourselves and as a couple. Our biggest challenge probably comes in the form of Kath’s chronic illness, Stage IV endometriosis. It’s an invisible disease, and you don’t look sick to the outside world. It has debilitating effects on so many women for decades in every aspect of their lives before receiving a correct diagnosis!

Kath’s favorite thing about Renée is her masculine-presenting physical appearance (let’s be honest, Tall, dark, and handsome good looks) matched by the kindest heart you have ever met. Renée is a therapist with a Ph.D. in Drama Therapy. She literally puts everything into bettering others’ lives and helping them thrive after trauma, not just survive. She is the most loving and attentive partner one could ask for. Her giggle is also the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard.

Renée’s favorite thing about Kath is her sheer will and the instinct of a lioness to protect anyone she loves at all costs. She approaches taking care of her loved ones with a fierceness and intensity. Yet, at the same time, Renée cherishes Kath’s vulnerability that’s reserved only for Renée. Renée is Kath’s safe landing place and vice versa.

We are so grateful to our amazingly talented photographer, Eli, for capturing such magical moments on Block Island that we will cherish forever. The world is crazy right now, and we hope moments like these can be a reminder that although there is significant uncertainty in our lives, one thing that remains a constant for many of us is LOVE. Don’t postpone joy! Get out there and be visible. Show love, celebrate love, be love!

Photography by Seas Mtns Co

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