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Katrina & Jasmine – A Proposal in Washington Park

Katrina & Jasmine – A Proposal in Washington Park

Black Queer Proposal - New York Engagement - Dancing With Her

At times they felt like their relationship was moving too quickly. But, deep down they knew they were soulmates. Jasmine planned the most perfect proposal during a ‘family photoshoot’, taking Katrina and the photographer by surprise!

How did you both meet?

K: We met outside of a bar. I was sitting on some steps of the City Beer Hall in Albany. It’s a local college town spot that everyone hopes to meet someone or find themselves. I was sitting with my best friend when this girl walks up to me out of nowhere. She walks up while I’m smoking a cigarette and a little tipsy and says, “Hey, I think we matched on Tinder. You’re really beautiful”. 

She gave me her number, and we tried to talk and text as much as we could, but things got in the way. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when I was out with old high school friends at a different bar, I see that girl that walked up to me outside of City Beer Hall. 

It turns out, my friends from high school were now her friends. She invited me to her house that night, and we talked for a few hours. 

The rest is history. 

You were worried that your proposal was coming too soon into your relationship. How did you navigate that?

K: Jasmine and I had talked about getting married for a while – quite soon into our relationship. We wondered if it was too soon, and if we were ready. 

But, we know we’re each other’s soul mates, so we knew marriage was in the cards and could happen at any time. 

I knew Jasmine was planning something, but I didn’t expect her to get down on one knee during a family photoshoot that I planned! I planned a small family photoshoot of me, Jasmine, and our dog Zen, and she turned it into a beautiful proposal. 

Tell us more about that proposal!

K: We went to Washington Park for our photoshoot. We took some photos on the bridge. We kept walking and trying to different areas for pictures. 

We sat down a bench and Jasmine started talking. I actually was confused and asked her why she was talking so much because the photographer was trying to direct us while taking the pictures. The next thing I knew, Jasmine got down on me knee and pulled out a beautiful opal ring (just what I wanted), and I burst into tears.

Now that you’re engaged, what has changed in your relationship?

K: Our engagement means a new beginning. 

Jasmine and I have been through so much in our lives. Many failed relationships, and losing ourselves just to find ourselves within other people, rather than ourselves. We found each other at the perfect time in our lives, and it’s been nothing short of amazing ever since. 

She’s the calm to my storm. 

What do you dream your wedding will be?

K: We want to have a very hippie, good feel, mystical, dream-like wedding. I want roses and sunflowers, and I want people dancing in their bare feet and dressed like their going to a 1940’s ball. I want everyone to feel like their in a different time in history. To let loose, and just feel free and fun.

Photography by Khach the Moment Photography

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