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Katy & Melissa – A Maui Proposal by on a Cliff

Katy & Melissa – A Maui Proposal by on a Cliff

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Katy and Melissa met at high school, but wouldn’t get together until they developed a strong friendship later on. Katy planned a proposal during a family trip to Maui, with the entire family in on the secret.

Tell us a little about yourselves?

M: Katy and I are self-proclaimed “grandmas.” We love sitting at home, doing crafts like cross-stitching together. We love playing board and card games and keep a tab on who wins because we are both incredibly competitive.

We’ve been together for almost a year and a half. But we’ve known each other for many years. We met in high school, but our age difference of two years kept us from becoming close. Our social circles overlapped over the years, but it wasn’t until I began working with Katy’s sister that we began to see more of each other and became friends.

How did Katy plan the proposal?

Katy planned the proposal for when we went on a big family trip to Maui. We had already discussed marriage and knew that we had the same visions for the future. I was completely unaware, though, that her family all knew that she had big plans. We went on a full-day excursion on the road to Hana and at the very first stop, overlooking a large cliff on the ocean, Katy got down on one knee. I, without hesitation, said yes to her. 

Katy had to figure out how to transport the ring on the airplane, so she had to get the whole family involved. Her cousin put the ring in her carry-on, just in case they decided to search Katy’s bag! It was stressful, and Katy must have asked her cousin a thousand times to make sure she still had the ring.

Tell us about that ring!

Our rings are from a small independent jeweler in the states called Midwinter Co. We both wanted something unique but classic. The diamonds in our rings are ethically sourced “salt and pepper” diamonds, which was VERY important to us. 

What does being engaged mean to you both?

Getting engaged was a beautiful symbol of our true commitment to each other. We have come to realize what “retired life” will be like together through this quarantine. All this has done is bring us closer together. 

How is wedding planning going?

It is going well! Our hope for our wedding is to have just our closest friends and family there, and we want everyone to have a great time celebrating our special day with us. Let the dancing begin.

We are trying to stick to small businesses because we prefer to support them first over the bigger companies!

Our biggest planning inspiration is Pinterest, for sure! We also joke when we attend other weddings that we’re scoping out what we like. 

We hope that social distancing will be lifted, and we can proceed with our initial plans, but we have made a promise to each other that regardless of what happens, we are still going ahead, even if that means a small ceremony.

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